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To What Extend Does Peer Pressure On 14 To 16 YearsOld Girls Cause Anorexia - Research Paper Example

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To What Extend Does Peer Pressure On 14 To 16 Years Old Girls Cause Anorexia ? Name Instructor April 15, 2013 Word Count 2716 Abstract One of the most common factors found in literature and current studies related to eating disorders among teens, aged 14 to 16 is their increased susceptibility to peer pressure and their ability to be strongly influenced by media and the messages received through these outlets (Peterson, Paulson, and Williams)…
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To What Extend Does Peer Pressure On 14 To 16 YearsOld Girls Cause Anorexia
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Download file to see previous pages Research consistently indicates that peer pressure and influence contribute greatly to body image and the development of eating disorders such as anorexia in girls between the ages of 14 and 16. Peer pressure gives way to imposing physical limitations on the body which are beyond what a healthy individual would tolerate. Restricting food consumption, over activity and over exercise are often used in an effort to ensure the minute amount of calories consumed are burned To what extent does this peer pressure exert itself over other factors? Table of Contents Introduction 4 Body Image 5 Shame 6 Dieting and Eating Attitudes 8 Culture 10 Conclusion 11 Works Cited 13 Bibliography 15 Introduction Adolescence is known as the time during which experimentation begins and youth come into contact with behavioral risk factors much more frequently. Research has shown numerous times that peer groups are often the catalyst and are considered very powerful socialization agents which shape and guide behaviors (Dumas, Ellis, and Wolfe). Despite this not all teens are susceptible to these powerful influences and different factors have been identified such as peer group identification and age and status among ones’ peer group; each play an important role in the adolescents likelihood of being harmfully influenced by their peer group. As identity development occurs the teen is likely to choose an identity commitment of who they wish to emulate or what they wish to be perceived as that is different from what they see themselves as already. It is during this sensitive time of development that youth aged 14 to 16 begin to become aware of body image as first time relationships develop and males and females now view each other as an object of interest; often these first ‘love’s’ or lack thereof make a strong impression on the teens development. Those unhappy with their self-image will look to blame something on their inability to gain satisfaction in their peer groups as one who is similar to the group and able to identify with what their peers are experiencing. Peers are thought of as referencing groups and both perceived and actual pressure asserts itself as the individual begins to adopt the values, styles, and interests of the group. During this time of increased susceptibility adolescents began altering their behavior in order to fit in with peer groups; they are becoming autonomous via stages; first from their parental figures and eventually peer groups (Steinberg, and Monahan). Pressure experienced from peer groups is thought to be one of the most important and influential factors on self-image and the subsequent development of anorexia. The London School of Economics and Political Science considers anorexia to be a ‘socially’ transmitted disease (Bawaba). Standards of physical appearance are becoming increasingly more important in part due to media influence and these standards have a huge impact on developing behavior and thought patterns in those between the age of 14 and 16. Body Image Factors identified in the development of eating disorders which were identified by Thompson, Fabian, Moulton, Dunn, & Altabe, 1991, were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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