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Behavioral Effects of TV Broadcasting - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that television is considered as the most powerful and influential machine due to its level of accessibility and viewership. Television broadcasting has evolved with the passage of the years and several types of genres have developed for entertainment and knowledge for the masses.
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Behavioral Effects of TV Broadcasting
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Extract of sample "Behavioral Effects of TV Broadcasting"

Download file to see previous pages The first broadcast of TV dates back to the 1928 when a 40 minute production was aired. Nobody could have predicted the bombardment of TV channels with the airing of that short production and the transformation of this small device into a source of fashion statement and popular culture. The immense acceptance and power of the TV technology overshadowed the radio technology and thus found a place in almost every household of the world. The article “Conversion from Analog to Digital-TV” provided the figure for 2005 that almost 98.2 % households in US owned a television and this alarmingly high figure has been recorded around the same numbers since the year 1999. The article “Forecasting the Future of Multimedia to the Year 2010 and beyond” stated that television is viewed by 78% of the UK population daily and 94% on a weekly basis. This figure helps one comprehend the kind of influential effect that is possessed with the technology of TV due to its widespread. 1.2 Integration of TV in Different Walks of Life 1.2.1 Field of Entertainment The emergence of TV gave a boost to the broadcasting industry that has resulted in the formation of numerous national and private stations that work towards the creation of entertainment for its viewers. The fast paced nature of modern lives demands escape from the challenging endures of the day. Such escape is usually achieved by watching different types of shows on the television that include sitcoms, dramas, game shows etc. Some productions are also aware of their social responsibilities in the society and air public service messages for the welfare of the society. The film industry is another medium of expression and mass communication that relies on television for its promotion and long term...
This paper approves that the media regulatory authorities should take appropriate measures for imposing a ban on violent content at least for the durations when TV is considered to be watched the most. Alongside the ban on the violent actions, language should be censored to ensure the maintenance of an intellectual and decent culture in the societies.
This report makes a conclusion that talk shows have adopted a humorous approach of telecasting news updates from around the globe. The basis of these comments is to entertain the people and to develop a sense of negation against certain figures in the society. News broadcasting is based on facts and figures whereas the opinions in the talk shows are merely the personal opinions of a single or a few writers of the show. Those writers exercise their power of being on television and view their opinions freely without any apprehensions. The television channels also display a disclaimer at the start of every talk show that states their lack of involvement with the views in the show. Such freedom and lack of accountability for statements should be ceased and responsible behaviour in terms of issuing statements against public figures and ongoing global affairs should be shown. Extensive humor and offensive jokes are enough to distort the image of any public figure therefore such irresponsible and influential views should never be aired on television. More sources should be used to confirm the information and views rather than just resorting to a single broadcasting television channel and forming views on its basis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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