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An estimated 80% of the worlds global trade is carried out via the sea and at some point these forms of transportation must go through the ports, this generates a great impact on port maritime operations. The reliance on these ports means that they will face constant development…
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Forum 1 - Chapters 1 & 2
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Maritime Transportation Insert Insert Question An estimated 80% of the worlds global trade is carried out via the sea and at some point these forms of transportation must go through the ports, this generates a great impact on port maritime operations. The reliance on these ports means that they will face constant development in order to serve adequately its ever-growing clients. We have seen the adverse adoption of new technologies in our ports; even the security system is more beefed up than ever before (GAO-12-1009T, 2012). All these developments in port operations can be largely attributed to the ever-growing global logistics.
Question 2
Economic dependency on maritime transportation refers to how a given country relies on maritime transportation as the countries’ main source of economic empowerment. The US has a 14% adjacency of its counties to the coastline and ends up generating a staggering 45% of the nations’ gross domestic product (GDP) and an average of 3 million jobs. A point that goes to prove how dependent we can be on maritime transportation for economic development (GAO-12-1009T, 2012).
Question 3
The maritime transportation security act was enacted by congress and signed into law by the then American president on November 25th, 2002 (S.3639, 2010). This law requires port facilities and vessels to carry out threat vulnerability assessments and come up with well developed and thought through security plans that is inclusive of passengers, vehicles and baggage screening parameters as well as establishing restricted areas, identification procedures and advanced surveillance systems (PUBLIC LAW, 2002). This compliance of this security act has resulted in the creation of a secure environment in the ports.
Question 4
The department of homeland security (DHS) is the lead agency responsible for the implementation of maritime transportation security act with the help of subsidiary bodies like the U.S, coast guard. The security act can be attributed to a number of challenges that include acquiring security port facility and vessels, a more interconnected port system with regard to new technologies and a much heightened international supply chain security. The maritime security act has also undergone challenges in program implementation and management, poor partnerships and collaboration, terrorism and funding (CRS Report for Congress, 2007).
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S.3639. (2010, July 22). Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2010. Retrieved May 5, 2015, from SENATE OFTHE UNITED STATES: Read More
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