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TLMT313 WEEK 7 FORUM - Assignment Example

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The paper discusses the PPG Industries’ global supply chain information. The paper delves on the supply chain safety and quality strategies. The Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG)…
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Extract of sample "TLMT313 WEEK 7 FORUM"

October 14, Logistics Introduction Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Industries implements a viable global supply chain management strategy. The paper discusses the PPG Industries’ global supply chain information. The paper delves on the supply chain safety and quality strategies. The Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) industries company implements both effective and efficient supply chain delivery system.
Supply Chain Management
In Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Industries, Mr. Herm Canil is the Director of both the purchasing department and the Supply Chain Department (Linkedin, 2014). Mr. Canil is responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of products. The flow of goods includes both incoming goods and outgoing goods. Mr. Canil assures its global partners the supplies will arrive on time.
Further, the PPG Industries manufacturing headquarters is strategically located in Pittsburgh, USA (PPG, 2014). The company’s products include paints, glass products, optical supplies, coatings, and fiber glass items. Mr. Camil monitors and resolves delivery bottlenecks and delays. Consequently, the goods arrive on time.
Furthermore, the Supply Chain manager and other officers of PPG Industries responsibly implement global health, safety and quality standards (Smith et al., 2013). The same manager ensures the production process as well as the final products comply with all environmental protection standards. Similarly, the supply chain manager complies with the global safety health standards.
The Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) Industries continually sets into motion a feasible global supply chain management plan. The company’s global supply chain is grounded on complying with global health and safety standards. The same entity delivers high quality environmentally compliant supply chain products. Evidently, the Pittsburgh Plate Glass (PPG) industries company implements timely effective and efficient supply chain delivery system.

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