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Sustainability 351 wk 6 forum - Research Paper Example

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WalMart’s goal of “Be packaging neutral globally by 2025”, simply implies that the company aims at, using all the available packaging and recycling them and reuse the packaging to be recycled into renewable contents. The focus of the company is to try to reduce the…
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Sustainability 351 wk 6 forum
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Sustainability 351 Week 6 Forum Submitted by: XXXXXXXX Number: XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XX – XX – of XXXXXXXX
WalMart’s goal of “Be packaging neutral globally by 2025”, simply implies that the company aims at, using all the available packaging and recycling them and reuse the packaging to be recycled into renewable contents. The focus of the company is to try to reduce the consumption of water as well as trees in the development of the cardboard boxes. The focus of the company is to reduce the cardboard boxes reaching the landfill wastes (Thomas, 2010).
The focus has been on reducing the overall wastes and to reduce the energy consumption and to build using what is already been used. The company has been extremely careful to ensure that the recycled boxes are contamination free and are safe for use (Thomas, 2010). Becoming packaging neutral simply means to cut out the cycle of the useful cardboard being wasted and going directly into the landfills. The focus is to help cut out the cycle and to give a new life to the packaging material, thereby reducing the wastage and prioritizing the use of the packaging materials.
Yes, the box as seen in the video clearly does meet the requirements as mentioned above (WalMart, 2014). The packaging neutral is simply a means to cut down the levels of trash, and the volumes of pollution and a means to simply expand the pace consumption of the Walmart forests. The focus and attention is to reduce the use of natural resources to the maximum possible extent. Hence, this is in the true sense in line with the definition of the ‘packaging neutral’ aspect of the business.
Thomas, J. (2010). Walmart highlights recycling, packaging progress. Retrieved from Resource Recycling:
WalMart. (2014). Secret Life of Walmarts Deli Pizza Box. Retrieved from Youtube: Secret Life of Walmarts Deli Pizza Box Read More
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(Sustainability 351 Wk 6 Forum Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Sustainability 351 Wk 6 Forum Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Sustainability 351 Wk 6 Forum Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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