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This paper 'The Impact of Refugees as the Cause of Host State Refugee Conflict" focuses on the fact that there is a need to rephrase the perception of refugees as limited to a humanitarian problem and include the political problem especially in terms of security. …
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Download file to see previous pages The problems associated with refugee's results into the commonly ignored conflict between them and the host sates. In this chapter the author analyses the diverse nature of the refugee-host sate conflict. In doing so the chapter begins by discussing the impact of the refugees on the host country in Africa as a fuel of the conflict. It then cites the historical and prevailing examples in the Southern and central Africa region of Africa to explain the dynamic nature of the conflict. The chapter then concludes by analyzing the attitude of the host countries as a contributor to the refugee-host sates conflict. The attitude of the states involves the perception of the host government and the host community and how the two influence how the refugee is treated in the asylum country. The community is unwilling to support the refugees due to the scarcity of resources and the host government also prioritize serving its citizens as opposed to providing for the refugees.
The impact of refugees as the cause of host sate refugee conflict.
A considerable number of researchers postulate that the refugees have a significant adverse effect on the safety of most states. The researcher also stresses that persecution and political violence are among the major contributors to the plight of refugees. Despite refugees being viewed as the unfortunate asylum seekers from war-torn countries, they, may also serve as a special kind of catalysts for conflicts, not only internal conflicts in the hosting nation but also between states, including military based actions. Even though the claims have not been sufficiently tested, an ideal example used to back up the argument is the case of Inversion of Zaire by Rwanda in the mid-1990s which is believed to highly motivated by the desire to disband the refugee camps harbouring militia groups.
The influx of refugees is not only a cause of humanitarian disaster but is also accompanied by undisputed implication on the host community and border states. According to Conrad and Ritter, the terms domestic or internal and civil wars means turbulent interactions between dissidents and states, and the undesirable consequences resulting from the violation of human rights, arising within the states. Instead of treating states as independent units it is imperative to consider them as a unit of an interconnected dense network where the operations and occurrence in one state have a significant effect on the others within the region and also in the other world. The humanitarian effects of civil war and turmoil in the state involved may not be limited to that particular state but may have spillover effects or create significant externalities in the neighbouring countries and communities.
The refugee crises together with the accompanying consequences are not limited to a certain border area but exhibit spillover effects on the security standards of a wider region. The influx of refugees is always followed by a substantial economic burden to the country of asylum. The burden exists irrespective of the availability of financial aid from international organizations, which is at times from some of the world's not so economically stable nation who may not usually bear most of the cost of maintaining them.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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