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Critique of Energy Politics by Brenda Shaffer - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper presents a review and critique of the book “Energy Politics” by Brenda Shaffer itself while at the same time also explores as to what are some of the themes discussed in the book, how the message of the book actually interacts with the current policy on the energy…
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Critique of Energy Politics Book by Brenda Shaffer
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Extract of sample "Critique of Energy Politics by Brenda Shaffer"

Download file to see previous pages The Book “Energy Politics” by Brenda Shaffer is an extensive work of research tracing the industrial history of the United States and how it increasingly being dominated by the energy and oil. Prof. Shaffer conclusively defines as to how almost every aspect of our life is now being dominated by energy and why country’s security and sustainability of its environment is dependent upon how decisions on energy are made. By providing a detailed analysis of how energy affects the domestic as well as foreign policies, Shaffer highlights the critical role being played by energy as one of the most important tools for political discussions and debates.
With the development of the industrial era, it has become increasingly important for developed nations to actually have control over the sources of energy. Since oil and natural gas were and still are the main sources of energy therefore much of the effort is directed towards securing these sources of energy to actually propel human society ahead. Shaffer however, in her book, essentially suggests that this quest has become so important for the nations that the overall politics is now mostly being dominated by this.
Oil is approximately equal to one-third of the total energy resources of the world and due to its various uses; ease of transportability as well low price makes oil one of the preferred energy sources in the world. The low cost of extraction, as well as other related costs, makes oil one of the preferred commodities for the world governments.
Shaffer started the book with giving a very well thought out introduction regarding how the overall dynamics of the oil market are changing. She suggests that the overall share of non-OPEC members in the oil business is on the rise and non-OPEC members are actually causing a fundamental shift in the market by selling it on the spot market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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