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Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions - Term Paper Example

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This work "Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions" demonstrates the trade union movements in Greece and Austria. The author takes into account trade unions, labor movements, the economy of both countries. It is clear that the political impacts on the unions are in favor of the employees in Austria and Greece. …
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Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions
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Extract of sample "Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions"

Download file to see previous pages Austria or you may call is the Republic of Austria in official terminology is located in Central Europe. Although the population figures do not touch the danger limit but the talent and resources are worthwhile there. Germany and Hungry are also near this region. Italy is in the south of Austria. Switzerland will be seen in the west. So, now you can realize the importance of this region clearly.
The GDP is also impressive here. You can say the economy is strong and it has much depth. The strong social market economy is the result of development and proper management by the government (DArt & Turner 2008). Traders find flexibility in business operations. Labor has a positive approach to work and jobs.
There was a trend of nationalization in Austria until 1980. Many companies were nationalized until that period. This practice left positive effects on the economy too but a lot of economists and traders were not supporting this practice. So, the process of privatization in recent years also lowered the state holdings. Labor politics has a strong influence on the labor movements in Austria. The people behind such movements are very active and they know how to handle the issues and how to present their problems at different forums.
The industry is developed in Austria especially the tourism industry attracts a lot of foreign exchange reserves every year. The economy gets strength from this industry as the government is also making efforts to develop it. In Eastern Europe, you will see that the Austrian companies are very active and generating high cash flow from the operation. The developments in companies and organizations demand well-organized trade unions.
Labor unions, as well as trade unions, make sure that the workers will get assistance in achieving the legal targets or goals. Higher authorities will not interrupt with unjust policies and regulations. In Austria, workers participated in such unions to get an increase in their annual or monthly salaries. Better working conditions can be challenged through trade unions in Austria. Women’s participation is also important in the trade unions and gender issues are highlighted in women trade unions as well (Curtin 1999). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions Term Paper.
(Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions Term Paper)
Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions Term Paper.
“Comparison of the Political Orientation of Trade Unions Term Paper”.
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