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The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World - Literature review Example

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"The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World" paper states that minority rights, declining living standards and education deficits all must be addressed within the democratic framework. The world is changing and America must change with it…
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The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World
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Extract of sample "The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World"

Download file to see previous pages Rapid changes in technology, the “shrinking” of the world due to increases in travel speed, the development of “global” culture, the spread of consumerism and democracy, the appearance of new wealth and educational disparities, and the onset of truly global threats to human populations like terrorism, pollution, and global warming have all contributed to the emergence of “one world.”  For the United States, this has so too posed many problems and challenges. In his book The Extreme Future, author James Canton claims that the near and distant future for America is fraught with both difficulty and adversity. The ability to meet the changes and challenges of the future will depend on how America and Americans prepare for and adapt to them. Canton poses three questions which will determine America’s fate:

Will America, the destination and the ideal, persist as a cherished desire by the people of the world?, [will it] continue to embrace its destiny as the democracy and human rights advocate of the world’s peoples?, [w]ill immigrants in the future be attracted to the value proposition of democracy, liberty, and freedom? (2006 p. 334).

The academic literature which speaks to these questions and their implications is quite varied, but it does seem to indicate a congruence of certain topics. The answers to those questions must be searched within the general themes of economic growth, education, and, most important of all, the continued practice of democracy. Globalization has affected all these issues and thus it is also within its broader framework that said answers must be given.

In order for America to maintain its image as a “destination” and an “ideal”, it must continue to deliver the economic opportunities which for so much of its history have enabled its people to enjoy an extremely high standard of living. There have been, however, signs in recent years that those very opportunities may no longer be available for all Americans as in times past. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World Literature review, n.d.)
The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World Literature review.
(The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World Literature Review)
The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World Literature Review.
“The Future of America and Democracy in a Globalized World Literature Review”.
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