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The Christian Foundations of a Secular Nation - Term Paper Example

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"The Christian Foundations of a Secular Nation" paper describes whether or not the Founders would think that the nation was a success and explains how the current interpretation of certain parts of the Constitution would be viewed by those who wrote it…
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The Christian Foundations of a Secular Nation
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Extract of sample "The Christian Foundations of a Secular Nation"

Download file to see previous pages America is a nation that was founded by Christians even though the present shape is secular. However, a study of the history of the forming of the constitution suggests that the founding fathers wanted to have a Christian nation. Yet at the same time, I do not think that they would be disappointed by the shape of the nation as it stands. On the other hand, they might be disappointed by how the presidency has become little more than a punch line for late-night shows.

From a cursory look at the constitution, a person may be tempted to say that it is entirely secular and makes clear divisions between church and state and has no mention of Christianity or religion whatsoever. However, a deeper analysis of the question shows that although there may be no direct mention of religion and Christianity in the constitution, the foundations of the constitution are very Christians indeed.

The initial government formed by the thirteen states had a very weak central government and congress was the only functioning component of this governmental system. The congress at that time had almost no powers so it had to rely on states to enforce its will and the states themselves were often uncooperative. Congress could not generate taxes for its expenses and a lack of an executive branch or judicial branch of government meant that member states could largely ignore congress. Often, congress could not even make small changes because it could not complete a quorum requirement (Wikipedia, 2005).

In 1786, five state commissioners met at the Annapolis Convention to make adjustments to the Articles of Confederation which would improve bilateral trade between the states. They also invited other state representatives to meet in Philadelphia to consider the proposed changes to the government system. These changes were to form the basis of a constitution for America and the federal government system which followed from the constitution (Wikipedia, 2005). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Christian Foundations of a Secular Nation Term Paper - 1)
The Christian Foundations of a Secular Nation Term Paper - 1.
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