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Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election - Term Paper Example

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The "Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election" paper states that anybody but Bush was the liberals’ campaign theme, which should have been enough to dethrone such an incompetent President. Democrats probably rightly assumed that anyone could defeat him…
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Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election
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Extract of sample "Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election"

Download file to see previous pages Born into a family of power and privilege, George W. Bush was a mediocre student, compiled a disgraceful military record, consistently failed in his occupational ventures and suddenly transformed from a drunken, cocaine user to a conservative religious zealot. During his first term, the U.S. national budget went from a surplus to the highest debt in history, millions of jobs were lost, the country experienced a foreign attack, the country’s ideological divide grew wider and America’s allies were alienated (Cervera, 2004). How could this have happened, what mechanisms were in place for Bush to be rehired for a job he proved he could not do? A job that is responsible for the world’s largest economy and military. According to Hayward (2005), “The President got re-elected by dividing the country along fault lines of fear, intolerance, ignorance and religious rule.” There is also compelling evidence that shows the election process itself was manipulated but even that would not have been enough if his opponent, John Kerry, did not commit multiple political mistakes during the campaign.

The Republican campaign strategists employed a coordinated effort that garnered the support of fundamentalist Christians in an ‘us versus them’ fight for God’s glory which was diametrically opposed to liberals who advocated killing babies, allowing homosexuals to wed and taking away their constitutionally guaranteed right to own hand and automatic firearms. It was an emotion-based call to arms for Christian soldiers who voted in record numbers (Kottke, 2004). The prospect of casting a vote against homosexuality was a very attractive proposition for the prejudiced, simple-minded evangelicals. They blindly followed their President’s and preachers’ anti-gay propaganda into the polling booth. “George W. Bush got the huge anti-gay vote and so got another four years in the White House” (Coleman, 2004).  Bush would also supposedly save them from Armageddon by preventing another attack by Muslim extremists despite all evidence to the contrary as the country had already been attacked because he ignored intelligence reports. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election Term Paper.
(Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election Term Paper)
Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election Term Paper.
“Why Did George W. Bush Win the 2004 Presidential Election Term Paper”.
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