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The writer of the essay "Political Issues - The Congress" suggests that one of the major problems facing the Congress is the increasing number of unemployed people in the country. The economy is growing slowly and people are optimistic that is heading in the right direction. …
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Political Issues - The Congress
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Political Issues al Affiliation: Home style is the way a member of congress represents their district while in their home district. This is a very critical part in their political career. In order to remain relevant, they must build connections and earn the trust of the constituents in order to ensure that they are reelected again.
When a member of congress makes a trip to their district, they attend different functions and events in order to keep in touch with the members of the public. Party functions and different media events are some of the commonly attended functions by the member of congress while in their home district.
The member of Congress holds forums with the constituents while at home. The member also likes to appear as if they are one of the constituents. He achieves this through putting on the local attire, talking in a casual manner, and answering the questions in a way that will leave the constituents attracted to him. Moreover, he uses this forum to listen to the grievances of the people on the ground and issues that they would like the member to address once he gets into Capitol Hill.
Hill style is significant in fulfilling the election promises. It is the style at which a member represents his district. This can be achieved through voicing a support to projects that are of great significant to the constituents. In addition, a member can request more funds to support stalled projects in the district.
Hill style focuses mainly on bringing money back home. In addition, it includes voicing the support of the home people, businesses, and sports team in order to attract investment and increase the focus on the area. Through the hill style, the constituents are able to fell well represented, an aspect that leads to the reelection of the member.
Question 2
One of the major problems facing the congress is the increasing number of unemployed people in the country. The economy is growing slowly and people are optimistic that is heading to the right direction. However, ballooning dept is likely to affect the policies that are meant to create more jobs for the young people who are being released from the institutions of higher learning.
The Congress is facing a major challenge of deciding whether the US will use military against ISIS. In the past one year, this terrorist group has gained ground in Iraq and neighboring countries. Therefore, the Congress is in a crossroad in trying to decide the best intervention to reduce the influence of the group in the world.
The Congress is facing a challenge of addressing the housing finance reforms. The previous governments have tried to evade the issue because of its sensitivity. However, many people are suffering from the issue. Therefore, it needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
The congress faces a great challenge of actualizing the Iran nuclear deal that has been signed recently. Although the administration has been able to convince Iran to sign the deal, the congress needs to put up measures to ensure that the agreement stands the test of time.
The congress is facing a great challenge of addressing the immigration bill. On the prospects of the senate passing the clean Funding Bill of the Department of Homeland Security, the Congress need to ensure that the bill also captures the issues related to immigration especially with the light of President’s recent executive action on issues related to immigration.
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