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Benefits of Integrated Transportation - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Benefits of Integrated Transportation” the author analyzes the viability of the integrated transportation system in Europe and restrictive regulations in the national level for transportation management for reducing traffic in transportation…
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Benefits of Integrated Transportation
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Extract of sample "Benefits of Integrated Transportation"

Download file to see previous pages Transportation is fundamental in the context of any economy or society in the nation, as mobility from one place to another is integral for maintaining quality of life which allows maintaining all round development of an economy. Besides, the concept of transportation is a global approach and thus the international cooperation is integral for maintaining integration in transportation within the world economy. In this regard, the program i.e. Transport Challenge relating to ‘smart, green as well as integrated transport’ is an approach of Europe to build the transportation system of Europe in terms of resource efficient, climate concern, environmental friendly, and safety for the overall beneficial of citizens, societies and economy at large. Furthermore, Transport Challenge induces investment of €6,339 million for the time of 2014-2020 by keeping focus on the program, over four different key objects (European Commission, “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport”).
• To minimize the impact of transportation system over the environment as the European nations try to improve the efficiency over the use of natural resources and reduce the dependence level over fossil fuels
• To reconcile the growing need of mobility, the transportation program of Europe emphasizes the transport flexibility in a way for providing innovative solutions in terms of seamless, inclusive, safe and secure, affordable and robust transport
• To promote innovation and meet various challenges that arise within the transportation system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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