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In the paper “The Impact of the Peace Pact between Palestine and Israel” the author analyses various obstacles towards the peace processes between Israelites and Palestinians.The collapse of the peace talks aimed at bringing peace between Israel and Palestinians…
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The Impact of the Peace Pact between Palestine and Israel
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The Impact of the Peace Pact between Palestine and Israel
Thesis statement: Although torn apart by incessant conflict, the peace pact between Palestine and Israel will surely decrease military tensions.
I. Introduction
A. There has been various peace processes to ensure there is peace between Israelites and Palestinians.
1. Since 1970s peace talks and initiatives regarding the need the have peace between Israel and Palestinians have been launched by United States of America (Dershowitz 87).
2. Various obstacles towards the peace processes between Israelites and Palestinians.
3. The collapse of the peace talks aimed at bringing peace between Israel and Palestinians.
II. Perspective of both the Israelites and Palestinians regarding the peace processes
A. The perspective of the Israelites regarding the peace processes
1. Any peace pact between the two countries should be struck on the basis of give and take. For instance, the Israelites feel that peace could be attained if participants to the peace pact process agree to give up management of occupied territories (Gilbert 72). Consequently, such actions could facilitate military withdrawal, and finally both the Israelites and Palestinians could realize peace.
2. Israelites demand that Palestinian’s states man, Mahmoud Abbas, should be a collaborator in the peace negotiations. In other words, they are averse in regard to engaging Hamas in the peace talks. Moreover, Hamas in the eyes of Israel is the perpetrator of violence on Israelites (Gilbert 84).
3. Israelites feel that Palestinians should refrain from terrorism because it adversely affects the chances of a successful peace pact between Israel and Palestine. In essence, it makes Israelites mistrust Palestinians regarding their willingness to strike a peace pact and implement it.
4. Israelites think and believe that the Palestinians are not willing to give up more in an effort to realize the peace pact (Dershowitz 102).
B. The perspective of the Palestinians regarding the peace process
1. The Palestinians believe that their course against Israel is an act of claiming what is rightfully Palestinian’s. In other words, the destruction of Israel is part of reclaiming their land which was grabbed by Israelites.
2. The Palestinians mistrust the intentions of Israelites, and believe that their peace agenda is at the expense of Palestinians.
3. The preconditions for the peace process do not appeal to Palestinians.
4. The Palestinians demand that requirement of Right of Return (ROR) ought to materialize for peace negotiations to be successful (Gelvin 167).
III. The impact the peace pact between Israel and Palestine
A. The peace agreement between Israel and Palestine will improve the security of both sides of the conflict. In relation to this, there are various benefits that are dependent of the peace pact. For instance, the peace pact could lead to a decrease in military inventions from both sides. However, for a decrease in military intervention to become a reality, there are various conditions inclusive in the peace pact process that ought to be realized.
1. The Palestine government to reach consensus with the Hamas regarding cessation of militia’s terror attacks on Israelites.
2. Tolerance of religious beliefs by both sides of the conflict.
3. Granting Palestine the chance to exist as an independent state.
4. Palestine should acknowledge the existence of Israel as a Jewish state.
5. Both sides should not see compromising as losing, but should work towards a common win.
B. If the aforementioned conditions are meant, hence a peace pact realized, there will be a decreased military invention by Israel because of a number of reasons.
1. The security of Israel could have been attained, thus no need for military invention.
2. Palestine could have attained their need to be recognized as a sovereign state, thus could not need further terror attacks to fight for their convictions.
3. Mutual benefits could mean common win, thus peace and respect for each other party in the peace pact, and will ensure no violence.
IV. Conclusion
A. Summary of main points of the paper
B. Reinstate the thesis statement
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