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Political Communication in the USA - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Political Communication in the USA” the author analyses the article titled, “The Government Won on Financial Reform”, which argues that the recent economic recession was an opportunity for the government to take even more control over the financial sector…
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Political Communication in the USA
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Extract of sample "Political Communication in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages The bailouts allowed the state to set more conditions for the corporate sector and as a result America has an extremely state regulated financial sector which endangers the freedom for innovation and creativity (“The Government Won” 2013).
This calls for further reforms in the government regulation because in the current situation, the state’s power is making politicians more influential in the capital market, even in the private sector which is eroding the capitalist freedom that has enabled significant growth over the centuries. The status quo that exaggerates the power of the state should be regulated such that banks are less answerable to the government and by extension politicians. Instead, they should set rules that regulate risk taking and standards for deposits so that companies can have leeway for innovation with the knowledge that in case they mess up, they can expect no protection from the tax payers.
The article which was written just before the 2010 elections is titled the “the first social media election”. It discusses the impact of social media in the UK elections in a backdrop of a system which only five years ago the platform was irrelevant and inapplicable (Arthur, 2010). People watching the lection debates from home were said to be doing it on two screen, the TV and the Facebook or tweeter one. The article implies that there is a real possibility of social media influencing the outcome of elections since citizens may react to the nature of the feedback they access on their respective parties from social media. The labour and Tory parties are trying hard to capitalise on “social media “capital which according to many was what got Barack Obama elected in 2008 in the US.
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Political Communication in the USA Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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