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This essay entitled "Critical tussle between Democrats and Republicans" concerns the U.S government. Reportedly, The government shutdown, as Weisman and Jeremy describe, was caused by a critical tussle between democrats and republicans in the congress. …
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Critical tussle between Democrats and Republicans
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Critical Thinking
In the recent past, the U.S government found itself in a shutdown status. The government shutdown, asWeisman and Jeremy (September 30, 2013) describe, was caused by a critical tussle between democrats and republicans in the congress. Thisarticle essentially fits into the critical thinking field of deductive reasoning and/or argument. To start with, deductive arguments begin at a generalized platform, after which valid and logical conclusions are made from the premises of the argument. This critical thinking approach is applicable to Weismanand Jeremy’s article.
From the general premises of the article, the two authors make a claim that links government shutdown to budget impasse. The presentation of the claim occurs in a general setting, thus requiring the deduction of what exactly caused the shutdown with regard to budget impasse. In this respect, the article explores diverse aspects of the matter, with an aim to show that the government shut down due to an impasse that was primarily budget-based. The standoff between democrats and republicans is discussed and subsequently linked to the issue in question.
In light of the argument made in the article, the premise validly and logically informs the conclusion. The cause of the government shutdown was purely budgetary. On the same note, both democrats and republicans were the primary parties in the premise of the argument. Moving from a generalized statement to the valid and logical conclusion of what exactly happened, the article is fundamentally informed by critical thinking concepts.
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Weisman, Jonathan,and Jeremy Peters. Government Shuts Down in Budget Impasse. The New York Times, September 30, 2013. Web. 24 Oct. 2013. Read More
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