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The paper "Urban Planning" describes that urban planning is essential for proper implementation of infrastructure that is vital in providing support, for the numerous service industries, which are required to cater to the needs of those dwelling in urban centers…
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Urban Planning
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Download file to see previous pages Sub-urbanization started after the end of the World War 2 when in the 1950s the federal government started issuing home mortgage insurance to those people who were willing to relocate to the outer limits of cities (Hall 74). In the 1960s, the government improved the transportation system by enhancing efficiency through the construction of interstate highways that helped connect the cities to the residential areas outside the city. Racial tensions in cities also contributed to the decentralization that occurred in cities, in recent times, high crime rates and deteriorating school standards in cities have led to more people to move away from the city (Hall 79).
Urban planning is essential for proper implementation of infrastructure that is vital in providing support, for the numerous service industries, which are required to cater to the needs of those dwelling in urban centers. Politicians like mayors and governors, who control and manipulate the bureaucracies that determine the course of implementation of these policies influence policies that have to be formulated to guide these plans. Proper and adequate urban planning ensures that all present and future needs, of a town or city, are provided to ensure that there are no complications concerning space utilization and function. The role of an urban plan is to ensure the ability to cope with the dynamic aspects that are brought about by the passage of time. There are different categories of urban plans, which are specified by the time it takes to implement them. They include local development plans, which have details concerning their nature, and they take the shortest time of five years. A development plan takes ten years, and it serves to show the direction of a proposed project. A master plan is set for twenty years, and it is meant to account for the changes that happen along the way in a project (Hall 110).
Kevin Lynch’s ideas are based on a psychological approach to urban area designs like towns and cities. Planners use their design ideas to act as a benchmark, guides, and inspiration when coming up with their own plans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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