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This paper "Urban Planning Elements" analyses the Market square of Pittsburgh city in Pennsylvania. It looks at the impact of this landmark on the planning aspect of the city. Moreover, the paper looks at the subject in the light of contemporary architecture…
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Urban planning elements
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Urban Planning Elements Inserts His/Her Inserts Grade Inserts 28.11 Introduction planning can be defined as the organization of several aspects within an urban centre to ensure the sustainability of the environment. The planning becomes necessary due to the increase in population and the desire for city managements to be able to offer superb facilities to the city dwellers. Numerous aspects are put into consideration when planning any urban centre. These elements always have an impact on the final plan of the given urban centre. The market square is one of the milestones of the metropolis, and after many years of service to the people, the standards of the square looked to be deteriorating. This paper analyses the Market square of Pittsburgh city in Pennsylvania. It looks at the impact of this landmark on the planning aspect of the city.
Zoning can be defined as the way in which land gets utilized in urban centers. The local governments try to use zoning in controlling buildings in the city. The market square comes as the heart of the city of Pittsburgh as almost all businesses converge there. The local government instigated a project aiming at reinstating the market square to the status it was at in the past. As a cultural centre, some of the old, dilapidated buildings in the square could not be demolished so that the cultural aspect can be maintained. The local government gave direction on what to be constructed and where to be constructed.
The project of revitalizing the square involved a lot of interested groups in the downtown district. The local government collaborated with several private and public organizations to make the project sustainable to different groups. The square provides many exciting activities to the populace who subsist and visit the city of Pittsburgh. This expansion of the square, seeks to create a modern urban centre environment in the city. Urbanization was one of the key issues which were considered. The effects of urbanization made the market square look out dated and, therefore, the local authority decided to undertake this move of urbanizing the city through modernization of the square.
The centre of the square was to be decongested to make the place accessible and spacious. The short term goals were reducing the parking space in the square and improving the lighting in the square. Cleaning and improving law enforcement were also among the short term goals. The local government aimed at creating new exciting activities at the market. All aspects of the project were divided into short term actions aimed at providing quick success. These activities were mainly comprised of repair works and replacement of broken down facilities. This plan would take about a year to implement the short term actions, according to the local authority’s schedule of events.
This element makes a lot of sense to the city of Pittsburgh. The market square can be identified as a landmark for this city. It would, therefore, be of utmost importance to improve the status of the square to ensure the city maintains the class created by the square. Though the mayor who instigated the project passed on, the local government, kept the project alive. The specifications set out for the project can be achieved if the course is maintained.

Project for Public Spaces, (2006). Pittsburgh market Square: A Vision and Action Plan, Pittsburg Downturn Partnership: New York. Read More
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Urban Planning Elements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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