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Future Political Party Improvements in Taiwan and Hong Kong - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal, whose goal is to delineate the fundamental features of the political systems in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Another goal of the proposed research is to see how the political systems in China and Taiwan differ from the political systems developed in the Western world…
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Future Political Party Improvements in Taiwan and Hong Kong
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Extract of sample "Future Political Party Improvements in Taiwan and Hong Kong"

Download file to see previous pages Party systems and demarcation in Taiwan and Hong Kong are extremely interesting objects of professional analysis. Hong Kong is an administrative unit of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Likewise, Taiwan is a territorial part of China and should be unified. While Taiwan and Hong Kong greatly influence the politics, economics, and social life in China, the effects of Chinese politics on the party systems in Taiwan and Hong Kong cannot be ignored. In Hong Kong and its traditional commitment to democratization and liberalization in politics, the unholy alliance between China’s Communist Party (CCP) and Hong Kong businessmen remains the source of major political controversies. In Taiwan and its political system, where political parties are divided by their background and ideology, China’s Communist Party also plays a huge role. CCP has launched an economic collaboration with the KMT in Taiwan, while also funding DAB in Hong Kong and monopolizing its Legislative Council. Apparently, the effects and connections between the Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and their political systems are extremely complicated. Therefore, future research is needed to clarify the role which CCP plays in the direction and advancement of Taiwanese and Hong Kong’s political parties. It is crucial that the place of CCP in the development of political parties in Taiwan and Hong Kong be understood in Asian, non-Western terms. Western political systems differ dramatically from those in Hong Kong and Taiwan and cannot serve an effective framework for understanding the nature of all political processes in the East Asian region. The study of the political systems and political parties in Hong Kong and Taiwan is rather young, mainly because the overall political history in these administrative regions does not exceed a few decades. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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