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Design as Lifestyle: How Has Chinese Design Development Affected Chinese Lifestyle - Coursework Example

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"Design as Lifestyle: How Has Chinese Design Development Affected Chinese Lifestyle" paper presents the development of graphic design in Shanghai before 1979, design in Hong Kong after 1979, and during 1997, the influence of western concepts, and their effect on Chinese design and lifestyle…
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Design as Lifestyle: How Has Chinese Design Development Affected Chinese Lifestyle
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Extract of sample "Design as Lifestyle: How Has Chinese Design Development Affected Chinese Lifestyle"

Download file to see previous pages DISCUSSION: Graphic designers combine visual signs, symbols, and images into a visual-verbal presentation that the audience can understand. The graphic designer is both a message maker and a form builder and introduces order and clarity from the relationships between the elements (Meggs, 1992:1-3). Another aspect of the designer’s task is to infuse the content with resonance through the use of scale and contrast, cropping of images, and the choice of typefaces and colors. Graphic forms have a dual role: visual design and graphic communication.

Shanghai artists who trained in Japan or Europe were inspired by Western design. They adapted in their work: worldwide art and design trends, particular Art Deco and Cubism, experimenting with geometric patterns, ornamentation, bold colors, and strong patterns. Western art styles enriched the expressive range of composition and form in China’s emerging modern design, and the new resources were artfully combined with elements from the region’s own artistic concepts (Wong: 2). Thus, the output of Chinese modern design was quite distinctive, moving beyond what had been simply imported from the West.

The Shanghai period represented both the beginning of a hybridized Chinese modern design and the best of this emerging form before the Second World War. Achievements in Shanghai were influential throughout the country and in subsequent periods of development after the war. However, after the Shanghai achievements of the 1930s, Chinese modern design did not progress continuously. Creative design work of the quality produced in Shanghai could not be sustained during the war, and after the Communists gained power in 1949, commercial graphic design was seen as a symbol of Western life and as unnecessary consumerism. However, the Shanghai spirit of commercial graphic design was able to continue under the capitalist economic system and British colonial rule in Hong Kong after the war (Wong, 2001: 52). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Design As Lifestyle: How Has Chinese Design Development Affected Coursework.
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