Political Leadership by the President of Liberia and Ghana - Essay Example

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The paper 'Political Leadership by the President of Liberia and Ghana' presents Liberia and Ghana which are some of the most democratic nations in Africa. Indeed, while the US and its President hail the democracy in Ghana, Liberia is equally the first nation in Africa to elect a woman President…
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Political Leadership by the President of Liberia and Ghana
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In addition, a new documentary, Iron Ladies of Liberia, explores the evolving role of President Sirleaf and the women helping her to lead the country in a democratic way. She equally learned, was once an Assistant Administrator, and then Director, of the UN Development Program Regional Bureau for Africa, and served as Minister of Finance from 1972 to 73, but left after a disagreement over public spending. Having lost an election and with 30 years of political experience, she favors free and fair elections (A+E Networks, 2012). On the contrary, although President John Evans Atta-Mills had sworn to be a father to all Ghanaians irrespective of our political affiliations, he has not lived to the democratic nature of Ghana.

The president and his regime lacks leadership qualities, has unprecedented broken promises, incompetence, and corruption. Indeed, the recent voter registration process was marred by violence, killings, alleged beatings, and shooting in some registration centers while the president was just watching. Indeed, with the rising political tension in Ghana, the president ought to show leadership. He and the ruling party face accusations of intimidation of their political opponents (Thompson, 2012). Read More
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