Difference between the Jurisdiction of State of California and the Federal Court System - Assignment Example

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The author of the assignment distinguishes between the jurisdiction of the state of California and the federal court system, explains what national security policy is and identifies the key policy-making actors in the foreign policy of the United States.   …
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Difference between the Jurisdiction of State of California and the Federal Court System
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1-Distinguish between the jurisdiction of of California and the federal court system. There are certain differences between the legal and judicial systems in California and it is essential to understand them before any action is taken. The judicial system consists of two different systems: State and Federal.
At the time of taking a legal action; the plaintiff must select where will they file their case as each court has its own level of jurisdiction and it must be taken to notice as to whether or not the court decided upon has enough authority to decide over a case or not. There are three types of jurisdiction; that is: exclusive, general and limited.
1. They have broad jurisdiction. Most cases are filed in these courts.
1. They have limited jurisdiction as they deal with bigger cases where either United States is a party or there has been a violation to the U.S. constitution.
2. State courts cannot deal with cases that are meant for the Federal Court.
2. In the event that a state law violates the
Federal constitution; the Federal Court will get involved.
3. State courts handle a very large number of cases and come in contact with the general public quite often.
3. While the Federal Courts too get their share of cases, they are considerably less than the State Court. Also they seldom come in contact with general public.
4. State Courts consist of Superior Courts, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
4. Federal Courts consist of District Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
2- Explain what national security policy is and identify the key policy-making actors in U.S foreign policy.
National security policy revolves around the major national security issues and concerns of the United States. This also emphasize on how well the administration can implement the policy and how well they can plan out to deal with the issues addressing national security of the United States. In short, National Security is a legal document that deals with the strategies and policies; reviewed periodically by the executive bodies of the United States Government in order to preserve the national peace, security and defense of the country.
In recent years after the incident of 9/11, the United States’ National security Policy has faced many changes due to different reasons such as rise and threats of terrorism that has struck the security of the entire nation, emergence of new allies in the war against terrorism, dealing with political and economic security.
The main objective of the national security policy of the United States is to safeguard the rights, security and to maintain the legitimate interests of its citizens against any threat either affected by the internal factors or the external ones. The idea of national security became an official imperative point of the United States foreign policy, when U. S president Harry S. Truman signed on National Security Act of 1947 in July 26th, 1947. The key elements of national security policy are military, politics, economics, energy, natural resources, society and diplomacy that are believed to be the core of the policy (Davis: 2010).
Executive bodies play an important role in structuring the basics of US foreign policy but at the same time there are some other players are also involved, those who affects directly the policy beside the power of US President. These are:
- Congress plays an effective role in defining the policy. They are either involved directly or indirectly but they greatly influences their importance in structuring the US foreign policy.
- Whereas external key players involved are the “Think-Tanks” and “non-governmental organizations” hold the power to influence the US foreign policy makers.
- Higher officials such as US Secretary of States, Defence Secretary and other higher-ups also hold the power to influence the US foreign policy.
1- Davis, Robert T. (2010). U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security: Chronology and Index for the 20th Century. Praeger Security International Series . ABC-CLIO. p. xiii=xiv.  Read More
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