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Critical Reply Paper on Election - Essay Example

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The significance of elections in today’s world has attracted many researchers to study the outcomes under the lens of different statistical tools. The aim of the researchers is to predict the outcomes of elections accurately and this aim is the main reason of most of the research done in this regard. …
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Critical Reply Paper on Election
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Download file to see previous pages The study is based on the idea that inferences made by people on the basis of facial expression and appearance have great value in deciding their voting behaviors. This is the main theory that is argued in the study. The article is trying to statistically prove this theory in the study. The theory is supported by psychological perspectives in the article. The results of the study confirmed the hypothesis that was given in the beginning of the research. The study proved that voting behaviors of people are directly influenced by the inference of competence by the facial expression of the candidates. The result was very substantial so there is no doubt that the results confirmed the hypothesis.
This paper makes a conclusion that the political implications of the findings of the study are significant. It shows that how important it is to focus on the pictures of the candidates and how important it is to place them in a right manner. The findings also tell us the importance of marketing the candidate to the people. It is very important that majority of the voters should know the candidate and they should know about his agenda as one cannot leave his or her fate on inference of his or her competence by the voters. Proper knowledge should be provided to people and the good old fashioned way of elections should be followed. The findings related to facial expression and inference of competent may not change the whole structure of future political campaign but they will certainly add a few things to it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Reply Paper on Election Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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