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Industrial Revolution: Factors Contributed towards Western Europe to Industrialize First in Comparison to the Rest of the World - Term Paper Example

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This essay tries to look into the different factors that contributed towards Western Europe to industrialize first, in comparison to the rest of the world. The author states that the industrial revolution was driven not only by technology but also by profound social changes.  …
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Industrial Revolution: Factors Contributed towards Western Europe to Industrialize First in Comparison to the Rest of the World
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Extract of sample "Industrial Revolution: Factors Contributed towards Western Europe to Industrialize First in Comparison to the Rest of the World"

Download file to see previous pages Europe rapidly moved from primarily a rural and agricultural economy to an urban and capitalist economy and from a household, family-based economy to an industry based economy. This required the need to rethink social obligations and the structure of the family. Abandoning the family economy was the most dramatic change Western Europe had ever undergone, and Europeans still seem to be struggling with these changes. By the middle of the eighteenth century, the European economy had become a global economy. The Western European, manufacture, and trade stretched to every continent except Antarctica. Why the other nations did not initially join this revolution is based on multiple factors.
A question that really interests economic historians is that why did the eighteenth-century industrial revolution start in Europe rather than in any other part of the world, like France and China or India. Though numerous factors like ecology, government and culture have been suggested some historian argues that as China and Europe were similar in the 1700s, the crucial difference which resulted in the Industrial Revolution in Europe were the sources of coal and other raw material near the manufacturing centers.
This enabled ordinary people to find increased employment opportunities in new factories and mills (Hartwell, 1971). Moreover, it also allowed Europe to economically expand in a way China could not. Though some 20th-century historians argue that the process of social and economic change took place gradually, therefore, the term revolution is not a true description of what took place (Berg & Hudson, 1992).
The geographical factor has played a vital role in Western European industrialization. The countries situated in tropical and semi-tropical zones like China and India have a severe handicap because of the climatic and weather patterns of these areas.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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