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Cold War Politics - Essay Example

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The liberals see Wilson as "prophet of 20th century" who took out the US from isolation and steered it towards world stage of international politics. For liberals a nation policy should be guided by morality. For them US is the champion of democracy and it should export its values…
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Cold War Politics Essay
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"Cold War Politics"

Download file to see previous pages American believes that America is a virtuous and democratic state and role model, which should be followed by other states to become good states.
According to the realist view, it is a government foremost responsibility to use all means at its disposal ranging from democracy, threat of force and even war in order to seek the national interest. According to the realist national security and survival does not lie in idealism but rather in power of balance. The realist believe that in real politics it is essential need to pursue power at all cost by the states, however there must be a clear comprehension of what is achievable and what is not. The realists are concerned about security rather than think about cheating or lying. Their ambition is to tailor the US foreign policy according to the real world scenario rather than pursuing idealism. The realists believe that the Wilsonian idealism cannot promote peace and democracy in the arena of international politics.
During the early phase of Cold War the liberals saw optimism in three key areas: the role of institutions, the dominion of ideas and material prosperity. According to liberals the key institution, which can play a vital role in the international political affairs, can only be UN, which can decide the issues of inequality among the nations. If a weaker nation is invaded by a powerful nation, mediation can workout a solution. The UN could tackle the elementary causes of disparity and dissatisfaction and intercede between the parties. Thus for the liberals after WWII, there was no visible threat, democracy was spreading, so the basic concern of the nations should be the well being of the states and improving their economic condition.

As antagonism between the US and USSR existed long before WWII which was basically the ideological difference between two countries leading to Cold War. This hostility directed the course of events into to intense development and deployment and stock piling of nuclear weapons in both the countries. As both sides viewed themselves the champions of the world, they aggressively persuaded smaller nations to join their camp. In 1946 /1947 USSR brought communist regimes in Romania and Bulgaria. US felt threatened by the USSR violent approach and adopted the Trueman doctrine, which allowed US to help its allies and to contain the USSR expansion.

In 1959 the Vietnam War started and Vietnam became a hot bed of rivalry between the two great powers. The realist could no longer follow the liberal ideas as they saw the USSR expansion and its increasing power a serious threat to American security, and they decided to contain this expansion by all means. In early 1970s, after the advent of nuclear ICBMs it was no longer possible for both the super powers to conqueror each other. It was no longer possible to have the same view of the world as the Cold War has been pushed the world into a perilous age which US has never imagined.

This led to a military doctrine MAD (mutual assured destruction) and the idea behind this doctrine was that, the Western bloc will not be attacked as both superpowers have more than enough stockpile of nuclear weapons to wipe off each other from the face of earth, including all the human beings in the world. Thus the idea of attacking each other seemed a suicidal and unpractical act as a result nuclear weapon instead of threat worked as a Deterrence to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold War
The war can be described as the persistent military state and political tension amongst the two states (Leffler, 2008). The Soviet Union and its associates branded the Eastern bloc while the United States and their allies referred to as the Western bloc. The cold war was the tension that existed between the Western and Eastern blocs.
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The sheer volume of historiography covering the origins and course of the Cold War offers multiple and often opposing angles through which this dilemma can be viewed. The lucidity and conviction of much of the revisionist and post-revisionist literature demands a rigorous, nuanced analysis of the seminal works reviewing the era.
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However, the most worrying issue was that of the nuclear weapons available to both countries which if used would have caused equal destruction to both countries. After the World War II it was seen that the United States and Russia underwent a competition in the field of economics, race and politics to gain superiority in the world.
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Cold War Politics
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A. The Cold War affected many aspects of American life beyond foreign policy. How did the Cold War shape the politics, economy, society and culture of the US during the period between 1947 and 1953 (Dont limit yourself to McCarthyism.)
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