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European Government - Essay Example

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The European Union (EU) was established primarily for the promotion of Economic and Political integrations between its members, so they can establish a unique policies in a vast arena, ranging from agriculture, environments, culture, transport, trade etc
Since its establishment, EU has been exploring various channels through making considerable approaches on foreign policies…
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European Government
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Download file to see previous pages The tension that ensued in 1989 after the fall of Berlin Wall and the need to put hands on deck in fighting global terrorism have combinable shaped EU to implement diplomacy and intervention policy.
One of the E Us efforts to maintain its power across the world that should be presented to support this essay is of its roles during the Yugoslavian crises around 1992. Though by then treaty was signed within it, which was tagged: "Common Foreign and Security Policy", but the Union effort to halt the fighting proved abortive. The EU countries had to join the United Nation Force, which at the end were under the United State leadership.
Another Foreign Policy of EU that also focus on security which is seen as a strict diplomacy measure was its effort by creating formidable force that involves representatives from within its members countries, which great supports were attached to it
The key action of this force is to foreseen and signal and alert on possibility of tensions. Thus it's dispatched action representatives to various hard areas around the world, so they can expand their power. Examples of these areas include Balkans, Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East.
In its effort in creating more credibility's to intervention strategies under the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), EU has programmed European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) that would mean to have unanimous defense structure.
Since 2003, EU leaders endorsed an European Security strategy with basic focus on crushing terrorism especially in the Middle East, though the acts of terrorism is under increase in that part of the world, which signifies one of the EU failure in its mission over foreign policies.
Moreover, EU has pointed out some measure assignments that its Military Force should undergo as part of foreign policy. These are peacekeeping, crises management, humanitarian and rescue mission, including peace making. To achieve these tremendous objectives, a formidable force has been created which is expected to grow strongly in the coming recent years.
Meanwhile, despite points that are seen as EU achievements on the above discussion, yet there are some angles that its failures are also noted. One of these point states that though the Union had included political aspect in its international roles, members are finding it a hard task to reshape their nation's policy. A typical example explained how these members failed to come under one umbrella during a debate held in 2003 on if the United Nation should give a go-ahead on the United States led War on Iraq.
Another important area that needs a focus as parts of EU Foreign Policy is the adaptation of "Common Agriculture Policy" (CAP), a policy that aims to offer agricultural subsidies for European Union.
CAP was created in the late 50s and early 60s to supplement food shortages, which hit EU countries during and after the Second World War. "As part of building a common market, tariffs on agriculture would have to be removed. However, due to the political clout of farmers and the sensitivity of the issue, it would take many years before CAP was fully implemented". (Common Agricultural Policy).
The CAP steering strategies had come into being in 1960 by the founding members, while in 1962 these strategies begin to take effect. In the same year there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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