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Discussing Issues Concerning the US Government - Assignment Example

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The paper "Discussing Issues Concerning the US Government" states that America has been in recession since December 2007. According to the research, U.S. mortgage-backed securities that had risks and difficult to assess were marketed all over the globe…
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Discussing Issues Concerning the US Government
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Download file to see previous pages The reason for filibuster in the senate is to grant some real powers to the minority party. This is because the minority party can have powers to control the interests of the majority party in doing as they wish and desire. In addition, another reason for filibuster in the senate is to keep the senate from becoming a House, which may be succumbed to the passions of the day. In my view, I think the filibuster should not be eliminated since it is a remarkably crucial and unique issue in the U.S. government. The filibuster should not be eliminated since it is a strong tool for the minority party. The minority can use the filibuster in making a point or trying to get their way. In the senate, a senator or his minority party can block a full nomination or senate consideration of a certain bill through the unlimited debate of a proposal. The use of the filibuster by the minority ensures representation of the minority party in the senate, which creates a balance in the senate. Hence, the filibuster in the senate should not be eliminated since its withdrawal in the senate would threaten free speech and debate in the senate. List and explain some of the various roles (constitutional and extra-constitutional) that a president must play. Of these roles, which role do you believe is most important for a president, and why? The American president has both constitutional and extra-constitutional roles with which he is associated. One of the constitutional roles of the American president is assuming the role of chief of state. Through this role, the president acts as a symbolic leader of America and abroad. When assuming this role, the president should be above politics. Another constitutional role assumed by the president is that of the chief administrator. In playing this role, the president is responsible for executing all rules and overseeing the bureaucracy.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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