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The Concept of Budgeting as Political Choice - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The article takes a deeper look at the concept of budgeting as a political choice. It is evidently clear from the discussion that there is the formation of the budget in politicians surrounding and hence there is a significant tension due to public accountability and public acceptability…
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The Concept of Budgeting as Political Choice
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Extract of sample "The Concept of Budgeting as Political Choice"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that in relation to public budgeting, the accountability of the various parties especially accountants involves the analysis of the amount that is in the budget to the actual expenses in anticipation. Public acceptability is the tendency by people to accept or refuse certain proposals made by other parties. The proposal may include public budgets, which directly affect the people. Public budgets affect the various people in the society thus most people do not accept these budgets because they lack the know-how on the preparation of the budget. For a public budget to get public acceptability, it is crucial for the people preparing the budget to have a dialogue with the people so as to achieve a relationship with them which is productive. In relation to the spy satellite which was a satellite made by the United Launch Alliance, there was the malfunctioning of the satellite just after deployment thus leading to its destruction through a mutual agreement between various stakeholders including the United States government. There were a lot of damages from the destruction of the device ranging from the hydrazine material which was hazardous as well as the presence of beryllium. The satellite also leads to a nuclear exposure threat due to its power core. As a result of the destruction of the device, the public fails to accept that there was no nuclear power core and that there is the clearing of the damages that the satellite led to. Most nations including China and Russia consider the satellite failure as a space race. They never accept that it was a mere technical itch that led to the failure of the satellite. There is public accountability, first by the USA government where it admits that there was some actual damage due to the failure of the satellite. There is no acceptability by the US following allegations that the destruction of the satellite was to ensure that the technology in use does not fall prey to other foreign nations, who have interests in the same satellite. In reference to the spy satellite, there was tension because; on one hand, there is a determination by the US government to destroy the satellite due to public acceptability and public accountability. There is a Herculean tension leading to interference in the public budget because of the destruction of the satellite. This is because there was a requirement of forty million dollars to oversee the destruction of the satellite in space. The amount was not in the public budget; thus there was the foregoing of other activities to ensure that there were enough resources for the destruction of the satellite. Considering a situation where there is the preparation of the public budget for a country, the budget undergoes preparation by the ministry of finance and then undergoes debate by politicians, who happens to be lawmakers of the country before there is the publication of the final budget for the public to read. In this case, the politicians will allow the budget to pass if it favors their needs rather than the needs of the public. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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