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US border patrol UAV programs in Texas - Case Study Example

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The US Customs and Border Protection is an Agency quite known for its role in the protection of US borders. In fact, the specific Agency is responsible for the safety of Americans from terrorism or from illegal trade developed through the country’s borders…
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US border patrol UAV programs in Texas
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Download file to see previous pages The US Customs and Border Protection is an Agency quite known for its role in the protection of US borders. In fact, the specific Agency is responsible for the safety of Americans from terrorism or from illegal trade developed through the country’s borders.The successful implementation of plans related to issues of national importance, such as the protection of a country’s borders, is usually depended on a series of factors, such as the resources and the time available. The illegal entrance in USA is also controlled by the above Agency. Because of its crucial role in securing the safety of Americans from illegal activities, as indicatively mentioned above, the US Customs and Border Protection Agency has increased its value as a workplace offering many prospects to interested candidates. Current paper examines the profile of the specific Agency and its potentials/ value as a workplace; reference is made to a particular program of the above Agency: the US border patrol UAV programs in Texas. It is proved that the particular programs could offer a series of benefits to candidates who would be interested in working in the particular area. Of course, certain challenges related to the particular sector, as a workplace, cannot be avoided; however, these challenges could be easier confronted if the candidates were given the necessary support since their entrance in the particular service. II. US BORDER PATROL UAV PROGRAMS IN TEXAS IIa. US Customs and Border Protection - profile The U.S. Customs and Border Protection is an Agency focusing on the protection of the borders of US from any potential threat – meaning terrorist attacks, violation of trade laws, illegal immigration and so on. The value of the Agency in enhancing the safety of the public in USA can be made clear through the Agency’s mission statement: ‘We safeguard the American homeland at and beyond our borders; we protect the American public against terrorists and the instruments of terror’.1 The Agency’s mission statement also refers to the enforcement of the national laws especially in regard to the ‘international trade and travel’.2 In other words, the Agency has the responsibility for controlling the areas cited near the borders of US for any illegal activity; borders, in the above context, include land, water and air. The importance of the above targets for the members of the Agency is reflected in the Agency’s statement regarding its core values, as promoted through its members; it is explained that ‘the safety of all Americans’3 is the key priority of the members of the Agency. Additional values of the Agency are the following ones: the enhancement of the rules of the American constitution and the alignment of the Agency’s activities with ‘the highest morals principles’.4 The mission of the particular Agency, as described above, is quite challenging, especially if taking into consideration the importance of the country’s borders not just in terms of the economy, i.e. for controlling the value of goods imported in the country, but also in terms of the risks for criminal activity. Reference is made especially to the continuous increase of illegal immigrants entering the country – despite the hard efforts of CBP to monitor carefully the movement of persons and goods through the country’s borders. However, the effectiveness of CBP cannot be denied – especially if taking into consideration the size of USA – and the expansion of its borders. In order for the Agency to be able to respond to its mission, emphasis has been given on its structure.5 The Commissioner monitors all activities of the Agency; at the next level, five directors and the Chief of the Staff have been appointed to its of the CBP main departments –‘ Civil Rights, Policy & Planning, Trade Relations, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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