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Pasteurization, Principles, Process and Equipment - Assignment Example

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This paper "Pasteurization, Principles, Process and Equipment" focuses on pasteurization which is one of the most significant unit operations among other unit operations in a food processing industry. Food processing industry is becoming one of the growing industries throughout the world. …
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Pasteurization, Principles, Process and Equipment
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Download file to see previous pages Pasteurization involves only heating or both heating and refrigerating the food product.
Pasteurization is named after the unforgettable contribution of a scientist ‘Louis Pasteur’ in the field of food chemistry. The discovered pasteurization plays a vital role in enhancing the shelf life of the food products and beverages. It is common fact that treating food products with temperature reduces the number of bacteria in the food and thus prevents food from spoiling. Warming up the food in ovens and stoves also kills bacteria. Cooking also kills bacteria present in the food. However, if the food is kept at room temperature for longer time, it gets rotten due to the regeneration and formation of bacteria that remained in the food after treating it with the temperature. The heat treatment is unable to kill such type of bacteria that are capable of living at the higher temperature. Such type of bacteria has protective walls that let them remain alive at the higher temperature. The fundamental principle behind the pasteurization is making utilization of the temperature to control the growth of microbes in the food product. Most of the packaged and tinned food and bottles beverages make utilization of pasteurization to increase the shelf life of the product and to remain the product fresher for longer periods (Bermúdez-Aguirre, et al, 2009).
Increasing the temperature of the product is a good idea to get rid of some microbes that are killed with the treatment of heat but with the increase of the temperature, some microbes still remained in the food product that is resistant to heat. The heat-resistant microbes are also known as the thermoduric bacteria There is no other method to kill the heat-resistant microbes, researcher realized that it is difficult to kill the heat-resistant bacteria but the growth of the heat-resistant bacteria can be limited through refrigeration. Thus, pasteurization is the process that involves both increasing the temperature of the food product and then reducing the temperature of the food product to make it free from spoilage (White, 2010).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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