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Deal Gases - Coursework Example

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The gas laws were developed in eighteenth century when scientist realized that there was some relationship that was there between the volume, pressure and the temperature of given sample of gas. This relationship was postulated to be true to all gases irrespective of its…
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Deal Gases
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Download file to see previous pages There are different gas laws that exist and are summarized by the equation of state (Meyer, 2011). These gas laws include Boyle’s law, Charles law, Gay – Lussac’s law and other gas law.
The Boyle’s law was derived, finalized and published in 1662. The law states that when gas is at constant temperature, the product obtained from the volume, and the pressure of a certain mass of gas that is confined in a closed system is always a constant. The pressure gauge can be used to verify this statement together with a variable container capacity. The law can also be derived from the kinetic theory of ideal gases. For instance, if a gas container has a fixed number of molecules in it and its volume is reduced more molecules will collide per unit time per given area. This aspect results in a higher pressure in the container (Wang, 2013).
2. Select the light species of the box on the right-hand corner. You can notice that the pump turns red. At that time, the pump is given a press. Again, wait for the values to stabilize and observe the results.
When the pump is pressed it some while to come to the stable state. When the pump gives a substantial push the volume of the gas reduced. For this experiment volume in an independent variable, since it does depend on the other parameter to change. The pressure is the dependent variable as it depends on the volume change for it to vary. The graph was plotted for the values of the pressure, and the volume showed that the pressure of the gas varies inversely proportionally to the volume of the gas.
The relationship between the pressure and the volume of gas under constant temperature is summarized by the Boyles Law. This law states the under constant conditions of temperature, gas will have its pressure vary inversely proportional to the volume.
Charles’ Law is also referred to as the law of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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