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Refrigerators: Reservoirs and Sinks, External Forces - Coursework Example

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A paper "Refrigerators: Reservoirs and Sinks, External Forces" report that there are five essential components of a refrigerator namely the fluid refrigerant which is highly volatile, the condenser, the condenser coils, the evaporator coils and an expansion valve…
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Refrigerators: Reservoirs and Sinks, External Forces
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"Refrigerators: Reservoirs and Sinks, External Forces"

Download file to see previous pages There are five essential components of a refrigerator namely the fluid refrigerant which is highly volatile, the condenser, the condenser coils, the evaporator coils and an expansion valve (Serway, Faughn, & Vuille, 2009). Construct a diagram which allows you to show the functions of its parts. If you use a pre-made diagram you may have to amend it to include the detail or make sure that superfluous detail does not obscure your explanation from Part 1 or make your Part 3 unclear. The diagram only needs contain the most basic components of a refrigerator or heat pump. Relate Part 1 to Part 2: talk about the diagram and explain which part fulfills which function in the machine and where the energy is needed, where it goes and how it changes with regards to the first and second law. Where applicable, include either the Kelvin-Planck or Clausius statements. The coolant that is in liquid form gets into the expansion valve is shown by 1. There is a sudden decline in pressure that causes the liquid to expand cool and vaporize into gas as it advances to the inner compartment of the fridge. There is a round pipe buried in the back wall of the fridge through which the liquid passes, and this chiller cabinet serves an important role of absorbing heat from the food inside the compartments. This is true according to Kelvin-Planck law that states that heat transfer occurs from a region of high temperature to the region of low temperature. This law accounts for limitations of the first law of thermodynamics for failing to give the direction of heat flow. The part labeled 3 represents the compressor whose purpose is to convert the coolant into a hot high-pressure gas. This compressor squeezes the coolant raising its temperature and pressure (Serway, Faughn, & Vuille, 2009).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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