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Pre lab springs - Assignment Example

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The result in part (a) should look like the standard equation for a straight line, y= mx+ b, if the variable for the x-axis is taken to be the mass m. This means if we plot T2 vs. m we would see a straight line.
b. Compare the standard form of the equation for a straight line…
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Pre lab springs
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"Pre lab springs"

Download file to see previous pages The theoretical y-intercept in the standards equation of a straight line compares (corresponds) to the determined value of T2. The slope (constant) is normally represented by the value of m in the standards equation of a straight line and in this case corresponds to K d.
c. Again, compare the standard form of the equation for a straight line and the result for part (a), what should the theoretical value for the y-intercept be in terms of constants and the dynamical spring constant k d and m0 the effective mass of the spring? In terms of the y-intercept (and other known values), what is the value of the effective mass of the spring m0?
As argued above, the standard equation of a straight line is y= mx +c. This equation implies that y is the same as c since it is the value where the line cuts the y-axis. C is the intercept on the y-axis.
In comparison, if T2 compares to y, and T2=1.61, then it means that the straight line of the graph of T2 against m cuts the x-axis at 1.61. This value depends on the constant K d, since the spring constant results from the resultant forces applied on the spring, the restoring force and the mass, mo applied on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pre Lab Springs Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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