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Would you be willing to go on a one way trip for the rest of your lives to the Galaxy Andromeda. Why or why not - Essay Example

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For me, I believe I do not have to go out of the Earth to have my adventure. William Feather (1) said one way to get the most out of life is to…
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Would you be willing to go on a one way trip for the rest of your lives to the Galaxy Andromeda. Why or why not
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"Would you be willing to go on a one way trip for the rest of your lives to the Galaxy Andromeda. Why or why not"

Download file to see previous pages However, I think something unsure that may even cause my death is not worth risking my relationships on Earth. Also, I do not see the appeal of doing something significant when there is no way to share my experience with the people who are important to me.
Like William Feather, if I see my life as an adventure, I can get the most out of it. Thus, I would not lead a boring existence and I would not need to find something to achieve or do to make my existence exciting. I would find joy and contentment in the life that I have on Earth.
Indeed there may be a lot to explore in the Galaxy Andromeda. But then again, the Earth is so vast it would be impossible for me to explore the totality of it in my lifetime. Yes, there may be new experiences in that other galaxy. Still, new experiences also await me on Earth and surely they will be no less surprising for the simple reason that these new experiences will be mostly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Would You Be Willing to Go on a One Way Trip for the Rest of Your Essay)
Would You Be Willing to Go on a One Way Trip for the Rest of Your Essay.
“Would You Be Willing to Go on a One Way Trip for the Rest of Your Essay”, n.d.
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