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Choose a PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPE here on earth, or in space around the Earth, with which to observe Charles Messier's Butterfly Cluster - Essay Example

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It is relative to the constellation of Scorpius. Its shape resembles like a butterfly. Charles Messier catalogued the cluster as M6 in 1764. Kenneth Glyn Jones writes, “….his catalogue was the first accurate and systematic…
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Choose a PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPE here on earth, or in space around the Earth, with which to observe Charles Messiers Butterfly Cluster
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"Choose a PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPE here on earth, or in space around the Earth, with which to observe Charles Messier's Butterfly Cluster"

Download file to see previous pages “Most of the bright stars in this cluster are hot, blue B type stars but the brightest member is a K type orange giant star, BM Scorpii, which contrasts sharply with its blue neighbors in photographs. BM Scorpii is classed as a semi regular variable star, its brightness varying from magnitude +5.5 to magnitude +7.0.Estimates of the Butterfly Clusters distance have varied over the years, with a mean value of around 1,600 light years, giving it a spatial dimension of some 12 light years. Modern measurements show its total visual brightness to be magnitude 4.2” (
Butterfly Cluster is “an open cluster in Scorpius 4° northwest of M7 which contains about 80 stars roughly in the shape of a butterfly. Visible to the naked eye, it was first noted by Giovanni Hodierna before 1654. Its most conspicuous star is an orange giant K star of magnitude 6.2.” (daviddarling info….)
California Association for Research in Astronomy, own and operate the Keck Telescopes. It is an association of the California Institute of Technology and the University of California. I conducted my observations from the Keck Telescope in this institute. My choice was for this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose a PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPE Here on Earth, or in Space Around the Essay.
“Choose a PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPE Here on Earth, or in Space Around the Essay”, n.d.
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