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Parachute jump - Research Paper Example

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Felix jumped to Earth from a helium balloon that had risen to the stratosphere. He reached a speed of 1,342 k/hr. He broke the sound barrier during this…
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Parachute jump
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"Parachute jump"

Download file to see previous pages From the Newton laws of motion, a free fall is the motion which involves the weight of a body as the only body is the only force that acts against it. Gravitation was reduced to a time space curvature. Felix had no force acting against him and hence moved along a geodesic. Due to absence of any other forces, gravitation acted on him equally due to the relative weightlessness. In this condition the gravitation field is zero. Felix in the free fall experienced gravititation "0-g".
The Newton’s law of universal gravitation simplifies the dynamical equations that describe the trajectories that result due to gravitational force under normal conditions as F = mg. This accounts for the assumption for objects falling to earth over relatively short vertical distances. It is however much untrue over larger distances.
The equation ignores the air resistance that was involved that has an effect on falling objects within appreciable distance in air causing them to approach a terminal velocity quickly. The air resistance effect varied enormously due to the size of Felix. The equation ignores the rotation of the earth failing to describe the Coriolis effect (Heitzmann, 23)
Near the surface of the Earth, g = 9.8 m/s². The assumption is that SI unit g is measured in mps therefore d has to be measured in meters and time t in seconds. Therefore, velocity v is measured in meters per seconds(Heitzmann, 26)
Felix is assumed to have started from rest and air resistance was neglected. In the Earth’s atmosphere all results are inaccurate after the first five seconds of the fall. Felix’s velocity at the time should have been a little less than the vacuum vale of 49 m/s due to the resistance of air.
As Felix was falling through the atmosphere (which is not a perfect vacuum) therefore, he did not encounter a drag force brought about by air resistance. The drag force should have increased the velocity of the free fall. Felix therefore reached a state where the drag force ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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