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What is the Urey-Miller experiment What important organic molecules were produced in this experiment What is chemical evolution Why is life so difficult to define - Essay Example

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According to the scientists, some of the characteristics of live organisms are:
However, these rules are not strict and a good working…
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What is the Urey-Miller experiment What important organic molecules were produced in this experiment What is chemical evolution Why is life so difficult to define
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"What is the Urey-Miller experiment What important organic molecules were produced in this experiment What is chemical evolution Why is life so difficult to define"

Download file to see previous pages According to most research workers, the difference between nonliving and living is more difficult than a simple list of rules (Chaisson, & McMillan 365).
In 1953, on the primitive ground, the 1st experimental demonstration for the evolution of complex molecules in a natural way from simpler components was discovered. In this experiment, Stanley Miller and Harold Urey took a mixture of the different materials like a "primordial soup" of water, ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) and then energized it by passing discharge of electricity through it (Chaisson, & McMillan 365). A few days after the experiment was done, they examined their mixture and discovered that the mixture contained lots of the amino acids that are similar to those that are nowadays found in every living thing on earth. Later on, scientific researchers successfully discovered nucleotide bases by performing a similar experiment.
The above figure shows the experimental settings of the Miller-Urey Experiment. Almost a week later, different complex molecules and amino acids were detected at the bottom of the trap, which reproduces the primordial mass within which heavy molecules were produced in the overlying atmosphere would have diminished (Chaisson, & McMillan 365).
There are many basic components in microspheres that are required in the formation of life but these microspheres are not living itself. Microspheres do not have the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) hereditary molecules. Despite the fact that no real life cell has been created yet from the beginning, most of the biochemists believe that the chemical evolution is the series of experiments most importantly from simple molecules that are not biological nearly to the life itself has been fully proved (Chaisson, & McMillan 365).
The figure above shows the chemical evolution. In this figure, a tiny drop similar to protein and rich of carbon shows the combination of many of the molecules of amino acid in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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