Wind energy: Wind turbines in United States - Essay Example

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On the other hand, wing energy is the kinetic energy that is posed by moving air or wind. The world is increasingly becoming dependent on energy,…
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Wind energy: Wind turbines in United States
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"Wind energy: Wind turbines in United States"

Download file to see previous pages Wind energy is produced in wind farms, which contain several or hundreds of wind turbines. This paper focuses on wind energy in the United States specifically about wind turbines, location of wind farms and power production statistics.
Production of wind energy is solely dependent on wind turbines. A wind turbine consists of a dynamo that is mounted on wind-propelled turbines. The size of the blades and mounted generator determines the scale of production. Production of wind energy depends on the efficiency of converting wind’s kinetic energy into electric energy. From the energy equation E = ½ mv2, it is evident that production of energy is dependent on the speed of the turbine. Thus, the speed of the turbine determines the rate of energy production. The speed of the turbine is dependent on various factors such as the size and weight of the blades, orientation of the windmill and the speed of the wind. In large-scale production, wind farms are usually located in windy states such as California and Texas. Other than the location of a wind farm, the construction of wind turbines determines the rate of energy production. Although wind turbines need to be constructed from light material, the blades and the entire system needs to be strong enough to withstand windstorms. A wind blade can measure up to 17 m in length and more than three meters in width. Such design ensures that the windmill is exposed to us much wind as possible. Windmill can have either a horizontal or a vertical orientation depending on the power generation capacity and requirements.
Wind energy has been use since the Middle Ages. However, the need for alternative sources of energy has increased the production capacity tremendously. In 2011, the US energy Department released an energy report that indicated a strong growth in the production and consumption of wind energy. Production of wind energy in the US has increased its effort to promote the use of clean ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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