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What are the characteristics of the radiation emitted by a blackbody - Please show me your calculations - Speech or Presentation Example

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This body is capable of emitting light due to possessing molecules and atoms that can absorb, as well as emit light (Mahmoud 568). This, thus,…
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What are the characteristics of the radiation emitted by a blackbody - Please show me your calculations
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"What are the characteristics of the radiation emitted by a blackbody - Please show me your calculations"

Download file to see previous pages Wien’s Law in particular, states that for blackbody emissions, the higher its temperature, the higher either the frequency or the lower the wavelengths of the given predominant light emitted by the blackbody (Mahmoud 568). It can, as well be stated as the wavelength of maximum emitted radiation is often inversely proportional to absolute temperature (T). Mathematically, this law is stated as Peak Wavelength (λ) = 0.29/T, where T is in degrees Kelvin, and Peak Wavelength is I centimeters. In this respect, one characteristic of a blackbody radiation is its temperature. Stefan-Boltzmann Law, on the other hand states that the amount of energy that is given off by the black body per second per unit area is always proportional to the forth power of the blackbody temperature. E = Sigma X Temperature to the fourth power (Mahmoud 568). From this law, the second characteristic of the back body radiation is the thermal energy possessed by the radiation. Basing on the Wien’s formula, T = 0.29/λ. Therefore, for the hottest where λ = 200nm, the temperature = 0.29/200nm = 0.00145 and for the less hot object whose λ= 650nm, T = 0.29/650nm = 0.0004461539. from these results, it is clear that the hottest body is 0.00145/0.0004461539 = 3.25 times that other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“What are the characteristics of the radiation emitted by a blackbody - Speech or Presentation”, n.d.)
What are the characteristics of the radiation emitted by a blackbody - Speech or Presentation. Retrieved from
(What Are the Characteristics of the Radiation Emitted by a Blackbody - Speech or Presentation)
What Are the Characteristics of the Radiation Emitted by a Blackbody - Speech or Presentation.
“What Are the Characteristics of the Radiation Emitted by a Blackbody - Speech or Presentation”, n.d.
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