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With the bubbling economy, the demand for energy has risen multifold in the last few decades. However, with time, the concern for the environmental damage from the non-green energy fuels has increased; and…
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Alternative energy ((wind power))
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Energy is directly linked to the trajectory of the World Economy. With the bubbling economy, the demand for energy has risen multifold in the last few decades. However, with time, the concern for the environmental damage from the non-green energy fuels has increased; and therefore, there is an ever rising alarm for a move towards usage of green and renewable sources of energy. At the present level, the renewable sources of energy account for only 13% of the total energy requirements of the world. (Harvey, 2011) In this category, the major sources are hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, biomass and solar.
Development of Wind Power through Time
Wind power is one of the oldest sources of energy. The history of the wind power dates back to 5,500 years when the first sail boats made use of this great energy. Around 500-900 AD, the first documented windmills made use of the wind power to grind grain as well as water pumping. Since then, the man has progressed in leaps and bounds: from the traditional windmills to the modern day wind turbines greatly harnessing the energy of the wind for its many uses. (Dodge, 2006) Wind energy has, however, gained prominence in recent years around the globe as shown in figure 2. United States was the second largest producer of the wind energy with an installed capacity of 40.2 GW in the world.
Figure 2: Installed Wind Capacity, 2010
Wind Energy Development in United States
Energy analysts state that the lands of the United States have a vast potential of wind energy generation. They believe that the best areas in US have the potential to supply 20% of the total US energy requirement. Likewise, figure 3 shows the current installed wind energy capacity as of 2011 with the highest wind energy production in the state of Texas. In March 2012, the US energy department announced a budget of $180 million to develop offshore wind energy projects. This will enable the country to diversify its energy production mix while as the same time move towards the green energy agenda (US DOE, 2012).
Future of Wind Power
The future of the wind power around the world is very bright with the growing demand of cleaner energy. Energy analysts envision the wind energy source perched on every rooftop-be it a business or a house, in near future. Dennis Noonan, owner of Blanchard Machine Development in Hillsboro, has completely revolutionized the technology of the wind turbines, shown in figure 2, which delivers more power with less wind. This will enable the future generation to extract more energy at less cost. (Augustine, 2010)
Figure 2: Modern wind turbine
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