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Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Research Paper Example

The patient lies in a strong magnetic field, where the magnetic field resonate the atomic nuclei. An altered radio frequency is used to alter the directivity of the magnetic field and thus alter the directivity of the atomic nuclei. The whole process makes the atomic nuclei to have a rotating magnetizing field that is captured by the scanner and showed in the image format. The major part of the body is covered by fat and water. In total there about 63% of the body’s weight is occupied by hydrogen atoms if considered the fat and water in the body. It the natural tendency of the hydrogen nuclei to generate an NMR signals. For this reason, the hydrogen nuclei are effective in the MRI scan. These nuclei are present in every part of the body (Hornak, 20-23). Our body natural mechanism is used and combined with the technology in the method of MRI scanning method. The naturally occurring Hydrogen atoms in our body constantly and randomly spin. The hydrogen atoms cancel each other’s spin. However, if any external magnetic field is applied, the spin of the hydrogen atoms (Hydrogen Nuclei) in the body get aligned with the external magnetic field. On the other hand, if the magnetic field is rotated in the orthogonal direction, the direction of the spin on z-axis can be changed at an angle. The angle is often termed as alpha. The total Magnetization factor along z-axis rotates at a Larmor frequency. The Larmor frequency gradually reduces as the z- factor increase and the x-y factor reduces. The reduction

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology
FDA, 2012). The technology makes use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) properties to image atom nuclei within the body. The human body is a “magnet” by virtue of the fact that it has ionic hydrogen that has a positive charge and a magnetic spin. However, this magnetic spin does not make humans magnetic because these protons spin in a haphazard manner, which cancels out the magnetic properties held by each ion (Hendee & Christopher, 1984).
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Virtual autopsy
Conventionally, in forensic investigation and autopsy, the use of full-body radiography is well established and routinely applied to document “fractures, injury patterns, occult injuries, and foreign body and metallic fragmentation localization” (Levy, Abbott, Mallack et al, 2006, p.522).
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Multiple sclerosis
The nerves deteriorate, but not before the individual experiences excruciating pain throughout their body due to the nerves being exposed. Multiple sclerosis has plagued humanity since the mid-1800s, though doctors and scientists believe that the disease has always been in existence.
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Magnetic Resonance Image(MRI)
When the external magnetic pulse is removed, the spinning protons induce an electric signal in pick up coils from which an image of the internal tissue is created digitally. MRI diagnostics produce clearer images of soft tissue and blood flow inside arteries and veins than ultrasound images and are also easier to interpret for the medical technician.
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Magnetic resonance imaging
A wide range of medical imaging modalities has emerged that utilize perfusion application in a variety of medical fields. Perfusion applications are used to assess the distribution of blood to a vascular bed. Either endogenous or exogenous tracers can be utilized to regulate hemodynamic quantities, for instance blood movement, blood capacity, and the average time it takes for the tracer molecule to be passed through the tissue, or the average time of transit (Luypaert et al.
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Interaction of Brain and Insulin
The author describes that the brain has been considered an insulin-insensitive organ, recent reports on the location of insulin and its receptors in the brain have introduced new ways of considering this hormone responsible for several functions. The origin of insulin in the brain has been explained from peripheral or central sources, or both.
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Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging

The author explains that with the discovery of peculiar characteristics of water, aside from relying on the magnetic field generated by various molecules in cells, the additional characteristics of particle diffusion in living cells were able to contribute to the greater advancement of the use of MRI.

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Meniscus Injuries and MRI
It has been documented that early diagnosis of a meniscal tear is pivotal in ensuring a positive outcome in such clinical events. Relevant anatomy of the meniscus is important in understanding this phenomenon better. Originating from the geniculate arteries, the meniscal arteries supply only the 25% of the cartilage matter of the peripheral meniscus, where the central area of the menisci receive nutrition from the surrounding synovial fluid.
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The report is largely centered on highlighting the majorly beneficial IMRI systems available in the market and based on their specialties and disadvantages, which of them are most suitable to be incorporated in the department by the physicians. While briefly comparing the
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Migraine Pain
Some people only have a migraine once or twice a year. Although the symptoms of migraine pain are easy to identify, but there should be proper clinical diagnosis of the disease in order to outlook the possibility of any other disease and proper treatment of migraine
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in the x-y component with time in the magnetization vector generates a small voltage signal that is calculated and image is produces. The voltage signal is often termed as NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) signal (Horowitz, 20-47). Fig 1 shows the nuclei spin is random direction and fig 2, shows the spin of nuclei is aligned due to external magnetic field. Image source: Adapted from: (Horowitz, 1995) The magnetic field generated by the nuclei of the hydrogen in the body is considered to be no homogeneously distributed. The major reason that the magnetic field produced by the nuclei is not homogeneous is the presence of the other nuclei that have different spin and different magnetic field. Some of the nuclei spin relatively faster as compared to the other. In general Spinning is a natural process that the electrons, protons and neutrons posses. It is a fact that unpaired particles (electron, proton and neutrons) spin in a relative motion. The particles with opposite spins cancel each other’s spin. Our body does have electrons, protons and neutrons that do show a spinning characteristic. A nucleus is made up of protons and neutrons that make the mass of the atom (NessAiver, 31-38). When the number of the protons in a nucleus is not an even digit or if the mass of the atom is not an even digit, the nucleus attains an angular momentum. Due to attaining the angular momentum, the nucleus spins and thus generates a magnetic field around it, creating the poles of the magnet. These microscopic nuclei behave as the magnet but if the external magnetic field is applied, the tiny nuclei get aligned with respect to the external magnetic field. In the absence of external magnetic field the spin of the nuclei is random and tend to cancel each other’s spin. The voltage signal is attained in the form of radio frequency, as the frequently spinning transverse magnetization at the x-y
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[Name] [Subject] [Course] [Instructor] [Date] Magnetic Resonance Imaging Magnetic resonance Imaging (MRI) is a method to scan the body’s internal organs mostly used in the medical facilities to cast an image of internal body systems and internal parts. The technique is also termed as the Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT)…
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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