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Review paper for optical-Ct gel-dosimetry - Article Example

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OPTICAL COMPUTERIZED TOMOGRAPHY (CT) SCANNERS Name: Course: Date: 1. Abstract (IMRT) Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy has in the resent past been subjected to highly intricate procedures which have threatened to render the traditional systems of delivery obsolete…
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Review paper for optical-Ct gel-dosimetry
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Download file to see previous pages This new system incorporates the use of both Optical Computer Tomography (CT) Scanning and Gel- Dosimetry which as shall be shown do deliver dose maps with high degrees of resolution, precision and accuracy. 2. Introduction One of the key elements in the world is the aspect of radiation treatment. This has come in handy in the fight against some of the world’s deadliest ailments which the scientific world has always grappled with to fix. A major part of radiation treatment is radiation dosimetry which has had an increased need for a system that has a high degree of accuracy, precision and efficiency in the measuring of dose and in full 3D and high resolution (INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON 3D RADIATION DOSIMETRY, & OLDHAM, M 2010). A lot of work has gone into the traditional systems like the Fricke dosimetry and this has had a tremendous result which is manifested by the effectiveness of Gel-dosimetry. A further development has seen the incorporation of Optical Computer Tomography (CT) Scanning into the system of Gel-dosimetry and this complementary system has been observed to have a high degree of accuracy, precision and efficiency. The main objective of this paper is to manifest the authenticity of this statement. In an effort to prove the effectiveness of the newly developed system, an experimental setup was put in place which has delivered results that have received thumbs up from the scientific world. The setup makes use of some 2-dimensional images from defined planes in a gel-dosimeter that is well constructed from a perfect design. Moreover, the performance of Optical Computer Tomography (CT) Scanning is compared with that of a MR scanning with focus being on accuracy and sensitivity of imaging, calibration, resolution and noise in the images of dosimetry. Work has been done to eliminate the sources of geometric distortion and optical artifacts in optical Computer Tomography Scanning. The new design has mechanisms to compensate for refraction, reflection, signal drift, water-bath imperfections amongst other factors that cause incorrect reconstructions of coefficients of absolute attenuation. It is also the objective of this paper to show that indeed for phantoms which are used in the validation of optical CT scanners used together with the polymerizing gel dosimeters that are radiation induced, stable gel materials are needed. Phantoms on which light dyes are added are the basis of the simulation used as gel dosimeters. More accurate simulations are done with the use of phantoms with light scattering suspensions of colloidal mixed with the gal. 3. Body An experimental setup to prove the effectiveness of the newly developed system involved filling up three identical flasks with 300cc MGS Research BANG3™ gel. The flasks had their heads stopped with a threaded screw allowing vertical mounting of the flask into the desired optical scanner as well as head phantom. One of the flasks was used in the study of a complex radio surgical delivery as a dosimeter while the other two were used to examine calibration issues of gel. The two gel-flasks of calibration were put in a birth of water upright and 6MV beams of radiosurgery used to irradiate them shooting through their flat bases vertically upward. The beams gave doses of 1.5, 0.75, and 0.25 Gy into the first flask and in the second one 1.25, 1.0 and 0.5 Gy. Before the end of 48 hours, these flasks were scanned using both imaging modalities. Data on calibration was gotten by taking the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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