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Summarization for chapters of the weather makers, and The author name is Tim Flannery - Essay Example

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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Chapter 25: Bright as Sunlight, Light as Wind In this chapter, Flannery is seen to encourage us to concentrate on both the electricity grid and transportation so as to help us in effectively combating climate change. He however cautions us that this should only be done if we have adequate time and resources…
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Summarization for chapters of the weather makers, and The author name is Tim Flannery
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Extract of sample "Summarization for chapters of the weather makers, and The author name is Tim Flannery"

Download file to see previous pages Although it is cheaper for some countries to produce electricity from wind power as compared to burning fossil fuels, the chief disadvantage of wind is that it is not always blowing. It has also been argued that the wind turbines that are currently in use are responsible for the killing of many birds each year, this argument has been effectively countered by Flannery who points out that in the United States, more birds are killed by cats than those killed by turbines (Flannery, 267-271). Chapter 30: Nuclear Lazarus? This chapter focuses on discussing nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a crucial alternative source of energy in light of the emerging climatic issues. James Lovelock, who is the originator of the Gaia Hypothesis pleaded for the expansion of nuclear energy programs in 2004. Nuclear power plants are however complicated to construct and their safety is a huge concern in their construction. Disasters such as the Chernobyl disasters are always being brought up in discussions of nuclear power safety. With the increasing movement of tectonic plates, more and more geothermal power sources are seen to be constantly coming up on the earth’s surface (Flannery, 272-278). ...
Flannery also introduces the reader to the idea of CAT vehicles that efficiently run on compressed air and are extremely eco-friendly. Flannery also points out that despite their harsh emissions, one redeeming element of airplanes is that the contrails that they create help in reducing the average amount of light that manages to reach the earth’s surface, a factor that help in keeping the earth slightly cooler (Flannery, 279-283). Chapter 32: The Last Act of God? It is projected that human influences will eventually overtake natural factors. Flannery evokes the question of “what is the price of this injustice?” This question is in reference to the story of most of the world’s powerful nation not only polluting, but also preventing rain from falling in developing nations. An example being the Inuit whose traditional food sources such as bear, caribou and seals are fast disappearing as an effect of global warming. The Inuit land is also seen to be fast disappearing. The Kyoto Protocol has allowed only the ratifying nations to pollute within certain given limits (Flannery, 284-289). Chapter 33: The Carbon Dictator This chapter mentioned Paul Crutzen who once helped save the world from ozone depletion and is yet again, back trying to help with the current climate issue. Flannery draws up three different possible climate change outcomes. The first being that human response is too slow and results in the end of the earth as it is currently known. The second scenario allows for humans to avoid destruction by acting in good time, while the third possibility is where by establishing an Earth Commission for Thermostatic Control, we reduce emissions just enough so as to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summarization for Chapters of the Weather Makers, and The Author Name Essay - 2.
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