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Physics - Assignment Example

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he universe is so large and enormous that it cannot be explained in words nor can be imagined by any one. Our earth which feels and seems to us very large is in actual equivalent to a small dust particle in comparison to the enormous universe. …
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Extract of sample "Physics"

Physics The universe is so large and enormous that it cannot be explained in words nor can be imagined by any one. Our earth which feels and seems to us very large is in actual equivalent to a small dust particle in comparison to the enormous universe. Universe consists of a number of different elements. The universe comprises of millions of super clusters. These super clusters consist of hundreds of different sized galaxies. Of such a super cluster is our earth a part of. The super cluster consists of galaxies in the form of groups. The galaxy in which earth is situated is called Milky Way and is situated in a group called the local group which comprises of more than 30 galaxies (Caprara & Harris, 2003). The Milky Way is made up of a number of stars and constellations of stars, planets, rocks, sun, gaseous elements and other such similar things. Our earth is the part of a solar system which lies in the Milky Way galaxy. Our earth is the third planet from the sun. The Milky Way galaxy is extended in a number of directions and these extensions have been named as arms. The name of the arms has been given by the name of the constellation which can be observed in that particular direction. Orion spur is the name of one its minor arm in which our solar system is situated. It is placed at the far edge of the galaxy. The sun is approximately at a distance of 26,000 to 28,000 light years from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. 2. Electromagnetic Spectrum has been divided into different regions according to the difference in the values of the frequency and wavelength. Following are the types of waves comprising of the electromagnetic spectrum and their applications: 1. Radio waves: the basic and main use of radio waves in for data transmission and propagation, in antennas for receiving and sending of information between different places, it is also used in television and radio sets to catch data and signals, it is also used for wireless connection between devices, it is also used widely for military applications. 2. Microwaves: the basic use of microwaves is the heating effect in microwaves. It is also used for volumetric heating. A lesser intensity microwaves are used for wireless connections between devices. By making use of lesser intensity microwaves prevents from heating. Microwaves have their applications in the field of communication and are widely used for communication purposes. It also has a wide application in the working of radars and sonars which are used in a number of various fields. It is also used widely in the field of astronomy and is used for the research in this field. Microwaves have their application for the purpose of navigation. It is used in cars, aero planes and other means of transportation for the purpose of navigation. It is also used to study different spectrums and is used in the field of spectroscopy. 3. Infrared waves: infrared waves have been classified as far mid and near infrared waves and each type have different applications. Far infrared radiations have applications in the field of astronomy. Photography and videography have a special use of infrared waves in the field. 4. Ultraviolet waves: it is used for the ionization of particles. It is used in a number of medical treatments; it helps in the production of vitamin D in human body. It is also used in the treatment of a number of skin diseases. But excessive use of these waves can also cause a number of skin diseases. 5. X-rays: these rays are high energy rays and are therefore used in high energy physics field. The main use of these waves is its use in the medical field, in the medical field it is used in radiography for imaging pictures of the human body. It is also used for seeing through objects having thickness less than a few meters. 6. Gamma rays: they are also very high energy waves and have their applications wherever high energy is required. It has its greatest application in the field of astronomy where it is used for research purposes. It also has medical applications and is also used to sterilize foods and is also used in nuclear physics. In the field of medicine it is used for treating cancer and also has a lot many other uses in the field of medicine and is also used in the preparation of a number of medicines (Caprara & Harris, 2003). References Caprara, G., & Harris, S. M. (2003). The solar system. Toronto, Firefly Books. Read More
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Physics Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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