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Amplifier - Coursework Example

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instructor Amplifiers Introduction An amplifier can be described as a device that is used to increase the power of any signal through the use of an external source of energy (York 12). There are various types of amplifiers that can be found today with different purposes…
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, practical amplifiers will have finite distortion and minimal noise with which they will invariably add to the said signal (Bishop 98). An exception is given to the cases where the amplifier is a transducer, which means that the amplifier shifts the types of signals from one point to another. Types of Amplifiers The mainstay of any electronic circuit will certainly be the amplifier (Bishop 18). Classification of amplifiers is broad, but the best way in which amplifiers can be classified is in relation to the input and output of each amplifier. In order for the amplifier to have some gain, it means that the scale of the input and output signal to the amplifier will have some degree of variation. The definition of it can be summarized as the quotient of three aspects, i.e., the power, the current and also the voltage. Furthermore, the gain will also be in terms of the output or the input signals of either the voltage or the power in any amplifier (Satyam and Ramkumar 32). In cases where the gain is undefined, it implies that the input and the output signals in an amplifier are almost the same in terms of unit signals; thus, in most cases a good example will be the decibel which has the same format described. This is not the case on a usual basis as there are other cases of amplifiers that do not follow this procedure like the transconductance amplifier. For the gain to occur in an amplifier, many dynamics will have to be given special attention. These dynamics that will have to be put into consideration as an amplifier will include aspects such as the power source for the amplifier, the impedance on load in relation to the said amplifier and also the amount of the voltage going through the amplifier (Bishop 33). Some other amplifiers that cover all these aspects will have the impedance meant specifically for the transfer of power within the amplifier. Driven by the desire to have a high quality result, amplifiers will have their impedance used together as output and input signals in the amplifier. Most researches indicate that the best way to effectively use an amplifier will be having the input and output circuits placed in a linear manner. This will enable the amplifier to have a constant gain while it is being in use. York asserts that the inconsistency of the gain in an amplifier will imply that the resultant signal is always altered, thus meaning that the resultant effect will be very poor quality (56). This sometimes is not the case in other amplifiers that find the variation and the inconsistency of the signals very useful. The most common types of amplifiers are the electronic ones, and with electronic amplifiers there are different and unique types underlying the common electronic amplifiers. Case in point are the electrical amplifiers that can be found in the household appliances such as the vacuum cleaner, and also in other home appliances such as stereo and television systems. In order to get different types of amplifiers that use the electronic circuit, below are a few examples. Power Amplifier When it comes to power amplifiers, there have been different descriptions with each of the description having relevance to the way that a power amplifier can be used, or the purpose of the usage. In one instance, the amount of energy is the most crucial aspect in the power amplifier as it will be the determining factor when it comes to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Amplifier Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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