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Labs H, P, & S - Lab Report Example

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Name Tutor Course Institution Date Refraction (Experiment P) PURPOSE: The purpose of the experiment was to demonstrate the principles of refraction. PROCEDURE: The equipment and materials that were used during the experiment included: Ruler, Unlined white paper, a 5 cm square glass plate, cardboard (8.5” by 11”), and straight pins…
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Labs H, P, & S
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"Labs H, P, & S"

Download file to see previous pages Straight pins were then placed along line IB as shown in the diagram below. After which the glass plate was returned, and the rest of the experimental arrangement moved near the edge of the table. The pins were then sighted through the glass plate, and ruler aligned along the sightline and a straight line drawn along the rule and labeled B’R. The glass plate was again removed, and line BB’ drawn. The Normals at B and B’ were drawn, and angles of incidence and refraction compared. SKETCH: I N B B’ RESULTS: Trial I-B-N (Angle of incidence) R-B’-N (Angle of refraction) 1 60 34 ANALYSIS AND CONCLUSION From the above table it can be seen that the angle of incidence is greater than the angle of refraction. Therefore, this experiment demonstrated the following concepts of refraction: 1. Angle of incidence is greater than the angle of refraction (Shipman). Law of refraction (Snell’s La): Where: n1 refractive index of air =1 n 2 refractive index of glass. Theoretical refractive index of glass= 1.52 Therefore: Moments of Force (Experiment H) PURPOSE: The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate the concepts of equilibrium and moments of force. ...
The second weight was moved along the meter until it balanced. The weights and distances at which the meter balanced were recorded. The experiment was repeated using different weights and distances from the fulcrum, and their distances and weights recorded as shown in the result table below. SKETCH C Distance 1 Distance 2 Weight on the left Weight on the right Counterclockwise moments Fulcrum Clockwise moments RESULTS AND ANALSIS Moments= Force X Distance Principles of moments: counterclockwise moments= clockwise moments (Shipman). Therefore, Counterclockwise moments in the first case= (10 X 4) + (10 X10) = 140ozcm Clockwise moments in the first case = (15 X 30) + (x X 39) = 450+39x X = -7.9487oz Can Goods Can Goods Can Goods Miscellaneous objects Left Side Weight (1) Left Side Distance (1) Left Side Weight (2) Left Side Distance (2) Total Left side Moment Right Side Weight (1) Right Side Distance (1) Right Side Distance (2) Right Side Weight (2) Total Right side Moment 1 10 oz 4 cm 10 oz 10 cm 140 15 oz 30 cm 39 cm -7.9487oz 140 2 15 oz 22 cm 15 oz 9 cm 465 4.5 oz 45 cm 32 cm 8.2031oz 465 3 4.5 oz 6 cm 4.5 oz 5 cm 24.5 16 oz 35 cm 50 cm -10.71oz 24.5 4 24 oz 23 cm 24 oz 8 cm 744 9.5 oz 49 cm 44 cm 6.3295oz 744 5 16 oz 5 cm 16 oz 9 cm 224 24 oz 28 cm 28 cm -16oz 224 6 9.5 oz 3 cm 9.5 oz 5 cm 76 10 oz 9 cm 47 cm -0.2979oz 76 Electrical consumption (Experiment S) PURPOSE: The purpose of this experiment was to determine the cost of electrical consumption of various home electrical devices. PROCEDURE: The following equipment and machinery were used: 12 home electrical appliances (Smart TV, Toshiba Laptop and refrigerator among others), and a copy of the recent electricity bill. The home appliances to be used in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Labs H, P, & S Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Labs H, P, & S Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Labs H, P, & S Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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