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Energy sources and the interchangeability of energy, propose a replacement for fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, natural gas), as - Essay Example

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Energy Sources as a Replacement to Fossil Fuels The world's largest energy requirements including those of the US are currently being met through fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, gasoline and natural gas. The environmental and health impacts of fossil fuels are significant and include global warming, oil spills, pollution, acid rain, rising sea levels and many more…
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Energy sources and the interchangeability of energy, propose a replacement for fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, natural gas), as
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"Energy sources and the interchangeability of energy, propose a replacement for fossil fuels (petroleum, coal, natural gas), as"

Download file to see previous pages Each source has its own characteristic significance and one needs to identify its suitability based on local possibilities and circumstances (Renewable energy sources in the United States 2011). Hydropower Hydropower means using water to produce electricity. This is a clean way of producing electricity. Small and big dams both can be used to turn turbines. Hydropower is suitable where ever flowing waters from rivers are available. Currently, around 7% of the electricity in the US is produced by hydropower sources. Major hydropower projects in the US are located on the Colorado River, the Tennessee Valley. Solar Energy Sun is the most potent source of renewable energy. Efficient solar technologies can give the most viable solution to the world energy needs. Technologies to harness this particular source are advancing rapidly. In the US, summer is the most appropriate season to harness solar energy due to longer daylight hours and a high angle. California State in the US boasts several solar installations and solar energy so harnessed is clean and nonpolluting. Wind Power Wind is yet another renewable source of energy that is clean and available most part of the year. Coastal regions where wind velocity is greater than normal are most suitable for Wind turbine installations. The western part of the US is the most potential region where winds velocity is high. Wind turbines are usually installed at higher altitudes to harness continuous but less turbulent stream of winds. Currently, wind energy meets only 1 percent of the total energy needs of the country but its use has been rising rapidly. Geothermal Power Geothermal source of energy uses Earth's heat to produce electricity. Geothermal source of energy is available continually in certain regions of the US and it is based on the premise that temperature inside our earth is fairly constant throughout the year. The various technologies are in use and those can be described as geothermal heat pumps, deep reservoirs and direct-use systems. Geothermal power plants recover heat from water or steam to convert it into electricity. Heat pumps are used for heating purposes at residential and commercial buildings. Binary-cycle geothermal power plants can use water with even moderate temperatures – in the range of 38 to 149 degree centigrade; thus, it has been economical to harness this clean source of energy. Nevada, Hawaii, Utah and California in the US are known to have geothermal power plants in operations. Biomass Power Biomass or Biopower is the second largest source of energy among renewable in the US. Available biomass such as grassy or woody plants, food crops, residues from farms, organic wastes obtained from municipalities and industries are used as direct heating or to produce electricity. Since Biopower is available from plant sources, it can be produced in any part of the country. Biomass self-balances carbon release in the environment hence is nonpolluting. A Clear Case of Responsible Stewardship and Integrity While buying fossil fuels, one is paying only for a commodity and does not compensate for environmental degradation and health damages caused to fellow citizens. Using any of the renewable sources of energy and discarding the use of fossil fuels firmly establishes that we not only respect our environment but are deeply concerned with preserving the same for our future ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Different energy alternatives to fossil fuels
The commonest by-products of these conversions are electricity, heat and light. The conversion of energy is very important as it enables us to put energy to good use. A good example is that of sunlight – in its raw form, it is appealing to us and is of use to plants.
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An arguement for the use of Natural Gas as a replacement for Fossil Fuels
In a world which is largely powered by coal and petroleum, the Energy Information Administration believes that there will be an increase of natural gas production to 28 trillion cubic feet per year as the price of crude oil increases (Loveless, 2012). There are several reasons for this move and there are a number of benefits that the United States can obtain from a proposed dependency on natural gas.
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Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels
One of the major challenges facing modern-day organizations would be the best possible ways for obtaining energy to support operations including production, heating and lighting and delivery of products, and services. The global energy demand has been noted to be increasingly high while the energy deposits of fossil fuels continue to be fast depleted.
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Coal Energy
Coal is one of oldest energy sources in the world and the United States has the largest recoverable reserves of coal in the world - equal to the entire worlds
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Alternative Energy Sources
The main advantage is low cost and environmentally friendly design of collectors. Thesis Wind energy is one of the most cost effective solutions to traditional resources like coal, oil or nuclear power. The threat of future shortages of liquid and gaseous fossil fuels can be relieved to some extent by converting coal to oil and gas.
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The United States has about 5% of the world's population but uses 25% of the world's energy (oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power). What can you, the college student, do to contribute to less energy use
I must use one resource on multi-functional basis, like using one thing for many purposes. I must be resilient in my needs. When I have used the required resources, I should give the surplus to those who
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Natural gas & Geothermal energy
Natural gas depicts a fossil fuel, which formation occurs because of the pressure and intense heat of the buried gases, plants and animals. Plants gain energy from the sun, which is stored
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Fossil Fuels versus Renewable Energy
Once the resources are used, we cannot get them back. One of the benefits of using fossil fuels is that it is economical to use. Fossil fuels are used in everything. They are used in our households, and to make products
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Fossil Fuels
There are three kinds of fossil fuels namely, gas, oil and coal. Fossil fuels contains a lot of hydrocarbons, therefore, when they are burned they cause pollution, which in turn emits large amounts of carbon dioxide to the environment.
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Energy Sources
Since the world, whose primary goal is to produce more and to earn more, is fuelled by energy, the use of fission to generate has a lot of financial benefits. Specifically, many Americans believe that the use of nuclear energy is a really good alternative to the use of fossil fuels that are becoming “more scarce and more expensive”.
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