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Evaluatethefollowstatement:MRIhassuperiorsofttissuecontrastthanCT - Essay Example

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MRI has superior soft tissue contrast than CT [Name] [Date] Introduction Modern medicine provides people with numerous opportunities for possible diagnostics or treatment. There is no doubt that in the face of a great number of existent technologies, it is desirable to choose between the most popular ones and consider every particular technology with respect to a certain medical case…
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Download file to see previous pages MRI scanners are the most important and appropriate for soft tissues scanning. This claim has been often promoted by many researchers and scientists, but there are still many controversies concerning this technology. Whether to pay more for MRI or less for CAT: who can answer to this question? Different forms of energies, which consist in a human body, should be accurately measured. It is evident that different types of equipments and developed technologies are used with respect to effective scanning of human bodies. There is another contrasting technology of scanning, which is CT or Computerized Axial Tomography, where xrays are used for body images generation. Bones can be effectively scanned by means of this technology. There is a different technology of scanning in the CT, when the x-ray tube is rotating around the patient, who is placed on the table. The beam highlights the patient and it is possible to look inside the patient. There are 764 possible channels, which formulate further samples of a beam. Each measurement is made 1000 times per second. Duration of each rotation is 1-2 seconds long. There is a great advantage of this type of scanning: “The comparisons allow the image pixels to have a known value for a particular substance in the body regardless of differences in patient size and exposure factors. The more samples, or views, the better the picture” (Lauermann 2002, p. 314). Therefore, this technology of scanning has its own benefits for sure. It cannot be denied that this technology is universal and is appropriate both for bones and tissues. Unfortunately, there is a high price for MRI scanning and it is better for some patients to pay 2-3 times less for CAT scanning. There is an important choice: whether to pay more for more effective scanning or to save one’s money, but to obtain less effective results of scanning. MRI Compares to CTA Nevertheless, there are numerous advantages of MRI over CAT. Firstly, Xrays are often criticized and considered to be hazardous for human health. MRI implies a magnetic field in its scanning (Nagel&Kroenke 2008, p. 243). Secondly, MRI is more effective with soft tissues. The contrast of an image can be changed in case radio waves are changed. MRI is often considered to be safer than CAT. Of course, a lower cost of CAT makes this technology more preferable for the patients. The question about its efficacy remains open. Moreover, CAT is more available and faster. There is no need in anesthesia when CAT is used. CT is chosen by doctors when there is a need to image bone structures. This type of scanning is available for the patients, who do not have any surgical clips, metallic fragments etc. A patient, who suffers from claustrophobia, cannot remain inside the machine for 25-40 minutes. It is very scaring and oppressing for him. A price for CAT is significantly lower than the price for MRI. There is a great benefit on behalf of MRI, because magnets and radio waves are used in the process of this technology. There is no doubt that MRI images are more detailed, especially if they concern soft tissues. Scanning of bones is not very good in the process of MRI and in this case it is better to use CAT. These images look similar to a CAT scan but they have much higher On the example of the researches and studies conducted in recent years, it is obvious that MR scans ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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