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How do Airplanes Fly - Essay Example

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This study attempts to explain how important aerodynamic principles are involved in the flying process, how managing control of balance proves to be the most crucial step, and also discuss the forces which help planes stay in air and land back on earth. …
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How do Airplanes Fly
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings air keeps speeding up as the pressure starts lowering which is the reason why a plane keeps going up as the air speed becomes stronger and faster over the top of the huge plane wings as a result of which a region of low pressure is created. As the air goes faster and a region of low pressure is created, the wings of an airplane generate lift and movement is made up through the thin air. It is no secret that humans have always remained interested in aerodynamics which is why two American men widely known as the Wright brothers managed in inventing the world’s first airplane after conducting their experiments at length using the aerodynamic principles. As mentioned before, control forms the most crucial factor when analyzing the flying process and though the Wright brothers were not the first to be involved in the experimental aircraft, still they have the honor to be the first people to invent control necessary for managing the aircraft balance. The concept of fixed-wing powered flight was totally impossible before the Wright brothers invented aircraft controls and made the first fully controlled, balanced, and powered flight, thus bringing a turning point in the history. The most important part of the invention undoubtedly was the three-axis control which helped immensely in lifting the airplane from the ground up into the air. The job of the three-axis control was to help the pilot in steering the jet in an appropriate manner and maintain its control in a way that the flight would remain successful and uninterrupted. Now the use of the three-axis control to steer the aircraft and maintain its equilibrium has become a standard and a firm principle in the flying process. Same goes for the fixed-wing aircraft of all other kinds where the tool of three-axis control is still used essentially. The concept of heavier-than-air human flight was totally unimaginable before the aerodynamic principles were applied practically. Most of the flight problems used to occur because there was no flight control in those days when engineers and researchers did not know much about exercising control over the aircraft balance. But, with explanation provided by the Wright brothers regarding the flight control options and methods, most of the flight problems got resolved as a very reliable way of pilot control was shown to the world through the three-axis control. Actually the main mistake made by earlier aeronautical engineers and flying enthusiasts was that the main emphasis was again and again laid on designing and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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