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Pick an art work that is influenced by chemistry of physics - Term Paper Example

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Julian Voss Andreae's Quantum Man by Name: Course: Professor: Date: Since Louis de Broglie theorized, in 1923, that things that have mass taken from protons, electrons and volkswagsons among other things have wavelength, artists began to produce art works with characteristics that fit into his theory…
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Pick an art work that is influenced by chemistry of physics
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"Pick an art work that is influenced by chemistry of physics"

Download file to see previous pages Quantum Man is a sculpture that was produced by Julian Vos-Andreae in 2009. Quantum Man is a piece of sculpture that was influenced by chemistry of physics. Quantum Man is ten and a half feet high in terms of its elevation and is placed at the center of The Bravern shopping are that is located in Bellevue, Washington D.C. It is one among many of the sculptures produced by the Julian Vos-Andreae that quantum themes. The Quantum Man has a front and back view and appears as a huge hunk of metal that was cut to represent the shape of a man walking. However, when the sculpture is looked from the side, it becomes almost invisible. The effect in Quantum Man is derived from the layers of stainless steel, which are more than 100 sheets that are layered from the front towards the back, and separated by metal rods. Quantum Man appears like a diffraction pattern of a wave. When in motion, a viewer can see the sculpture from the front or back. However, it keeps appearing and disappearing as a viewer moves. Julian Vos-Andreae sculpted the object in a manner that shows its aesthetic value and ability to show stillness. Julian Vos-Andreae said that, “...the weirdness of quantum physics...see how far I could get in trying to understand it.”1 The sculpture was intended for metaphorical purposes on the way the complex and counter-intuitive quantum physics could be explored. It is symbolic of the dual face of matter. The Quantum Man presented Julian Vos-Andreae with two challenges. First, he makes a standard representation of classical quantum objects that appear to please in terms of its aesthetics. He has achieved this by sculpting an object that appeals to the eyes of the viewer. The second challenge is the background of physics with which he develops Quantum Man. He uses physics to link the classical representations of quantum objects to certain philosophical interpretations about human body2. The Quantum Man shows that Julian Vos-Andreae to develop an artistic creation that depicts a man in the sense of both time and space. The parallel sheets of metal that he used are representative of the wave fronts of a man as he moves forward through space and time. He placed each metal sheet with a definite spacing by connecting them with metal rods irregularly put horizontally and vertically to represent integral formulation of quantum mechanical style. This also helps achieve duality in his sculpture in terms of the true nature that exists underneath the sculpture and the reality as seen by a viewer. He shows that the real human body appears as a static figure (stillness) at any moment in time. Through Quantum Man, Julian Vos-Andreae exemplifies that the human body moves in waves. However, the waves are not perceived in most cases3. Therefore, Julian Vos-Andreae through the Quantum Man emphasizes that human body and everything around it is matter. He clearly exemplifies that every part of matter is considered as a well outlined path through space and time. It also brings forth the notion of continuity. This is seen in the Quantum Man in the sense that it seems to appear, disappear and reappear in different anglers. However, it does not disappear and disappear in real sense. The Quantum Man possesses an equivocal identity where its pieces are considered to be touching each other or appear as separate. However, the pieces do not penetrate through each other. The object shows that objects do not have hard edges or well defined boundaries in places where one piece ends and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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